Saturday, 24 December 2011

This was the season with more overtaking in the history of F-1. And guess who was the pilot who made ​​more overtaking in 2011? Schumacher, 116. And there were some people who know nothing about Racing wanted to stop! ! ! Absurd ... From a good car for him .. like a Ferrari or McLaren ... and everyone will see or be a champion .. to be a RED ..

by Lionel de Campos Jorge

Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Sao Paulo Brazil Rubens Barrichello ever to do amazing things will rally in a stadium with a Mini Cooper cars with drivers from Formula 1 and Formula Indy event 17th and December 18th.

Barrichello who are negotiating with various sponsors such as Nestle worldwide to run in 2012.

Why a Pilot with three huge advantages

1) Greater experience in driving a car and hit F1

2) Be very fast and not to force or break equipment (car)

3) You do not need high salaries as there is for pleasure. Ie combines the three main items that every Formula 1 team need to make money and there is currently pilot who meets these three advantages and sensational Formula 1 team that will achieve huge advantage against.

by Lionel de Campos Jorge Journalist

I love this time of year to receive Christmas cards from friends Sponsors, Drivers, Teams Formula1 Thanks to all

Christmas at Silverstone

Dear Lional,

The team at Silverstone want to wish you a Happy Christmas and have created you a personalised video card. Sit back and view your message online.

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Wednesday, 30 November 2011

F1 2011 Official Season Review

O carro de cristal

MAURO DE BIAS [@MaurodeBias]
de Bolonha

A fornecedora de combustível da Ferrari, a Shell, trouxe ao Brasil novamente o carro de cristal. Totalmente transparente, o modelo foi construído para simular o fluxo do lubrificante Shell Helix Ultra dentro do motor. Com a primeira exibição programada para Interlagos, o auto ficará no Brasil até 6 de dezembro.

Após o GP do Brasil de F1, o carro segue para o Rio de Janeiro, onde será exposto no Museu de Arte Moderna, na Zona Sul da cidade, na terça-feira (29) em evento da empresa. O modelo é uma réplica do Nissan 370Z e foi todo construído em perspex, material semelhante ao acrílico. Enquanto o carro original pesa menos de 1,5 tonelada, a cópia pesa duas.

No total, a Shell investiu R$ 300 mil no carro-publicidade. A empresa já o levou para China, Rússia, Turquia e República Tcheca. A petrolífera é parceira da Ferrari há mais de 50 anos

Having recently launched a new supercar, the McLaren is committed to grow beyond the automotive area. In an interview with The Wall Street Journal, Ron Dennis, Executive Chairman of McLaren Group, is interested in expanding the area of involvement of the brand to other aspects of technology.
"We are a company car, but we are first and foremost a technology company. From a business point of view, quickly came to the conclusion we have a limited growth if we are only confined to a Formula 1 team, as it is not classifiable "Dennis is quoted on that site.

Thus, the company intends to assume greater weight Woking in the technology sector, having already launched a partnership with pharmaceutical company GlaxoSmithKline PLC to develop new planning tools and computational prediction.

Moreover, according to information disclosed by The Wall Street Journal, McLaren also has a partnership with air traffic control services in the UK and a service inspired by her telemetry Formula 1 team that is able to record and control the operation of locomotives in California. Moreover, the application in the technological area, Dennis admits that telemetry could even be applied to people, being to make a study to monitor body functions of patients remotely in real time.

As for its core market - cars - McLaren plans to launch two more models in the short term to add to the MP4-12C, with a more exclusive in the path of another iconic F1 more accessible and to fight with the Porsche, for example.
Congratulations to Ron Dennis has always been a man always looking for super technical to make the best possible in everything you do and will certainly contribute greatly to mankind. With these partnerships. I myself have a design of a device to make super easy and super useful children newly nascidades that can be used up to 5 or 6 years old and would like to donate to the project contributing McLaren ... and then there's my big project that the F1 car go faster, such as airplanes, Boings, ships, boats in general and with more speed and less effort would have a huge fuel economy in their travels, such a project worth billions or trillions of euros but would only accept very low prices to negotiate with the McLaren, which adimiro much or directly with NASA I am always available to talk to McLaren .

abs Lionel email

GP Brasil

Friday, 25 November 2011

F1 2011 | Brazil GP Preview

F1 2011 Brazilian GP 2011 Felipe Massa's new special helmet

SAO PAULO following the sign for a beautiful tradition of the world's most beautiful traditions is the food served by the journalist Ferrari: Screw al Cream Latte Presuntto and con Bistecca di Porco con Molto nell'Azeitte Cheggio Ralatto (the photo is of Flavio Gomes) unfortunately I was not invited ... Congratulations FERRARI

by Lionel de Campos Jorge Journalist

Thursday, 24 November 2011

Shell Ferrari Felipe Massa fazendo delicioso suco de frutas para explica...

Eu quero ....

Eu quero....

Eu quero esta ...Eu quero tudo....

Eddie Jordan talked about Barrichello. Eddie gave him his first F-1 car, almost 20 years ago. "It's a pilot first class. No one disputes the 325 F-1 racing if not special, "he said. "Rubens gave us the first pole, first podium, was the pilot who advocated more time to Jordan four years. It is one of the largest and maybe the fans here in Brazil do not understand it. "

Jordan said that when Barrichello won in Valencia in 2009, the whole paddock was cheering him up. "He is very dear. I had never seen anything like it in life. "He concluded:" There is someone who has to pay to run, do not think it will happen. "

I always liked Barrichello and I think any team that would take him to pick up gaining a lot of great things as low-wage developing the car etc etc.
I've offered my project to Barrichello who makes the car go faster but as F1 is not your area is not very interested in designing cars. I have also told to ask God and His Son Jesus who is honest in everything that God does what He's like.
Perhaps one day a team like Ferrari or McLaren or Mercedes, or Renault, Red, I decided to look to see my project

by Lionel de Campos Jorge email

Fun Event for Shell in Sao Paulo Grand Prix where Felipe Massa makes delicious fruit juice for guests

Saturday, 12 November 2011

Dom Fernando Alonso made ​​the most beautiful and important statement of Formula 1 in the last 30 years showing the world why he is considered a very special person, intelligent, educated, honest ..... mainly

He said:

If all cars were exactly the same .... then everyone would see who the best driver right? and know who Alonso said in his opinion, who is the best driver in Formula 1 racing?

.. Lewis Hamilton of McLaren.

Do you understand how great this statement? How is it honest?

Congratulations to Fernando Alonso thousand times a thousand times and congratulations to Lewis Hamilton
fans who really understand and enjoy the Formula 1 world thank you for two great men ... two pilots and two great great human beings.

by Lionel de Campos Jorge