Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Another wonderful idea from the English "McLaren Tooned" this perfect, Buton, his face calm .. much enjoyed the hair, nose, big guy ... Hamilton rushed as always this wonderful floor very well done them the look of Hamilton rsrrsrsr.

The episode that I liked so far was the elevator but did not see all .. I would like to be part of this event with my family McLaren that makes the car go faster ... but they say the world is ending in 21/12 ... rsrsrrsrsr not end if next year I manage to see my invention McLaren anyway Congratulations to Team Ron Dennis for yet another project "McLaren Tooned" We made sure all fans worldwide are worshiping

Lionel  Campos Jorge Jornalist 

Thursday, 20 September 2012


The 2012 Formula One SingTel Singapore Grand Prix marks a substantial landmark for Scuderia Ferrari and Technical Partner Shell as they reach their 500th Formula One Grand Prix together. Shell and Ferrari share one of the most successful partnerships in Formula One history spanning back to 1950 and Shell invites members of the media to celebrate this groundbreaking achievement.

Thursday 20 September - 500 Race Anniversary Film

Shell has commissioned a special film to mark the 500 race anniversary. The four minute film, features interviews with Luca Di Montezemolo, Stefano Domenicali, Luca Marmorini, Fernando Alonso, Felipe Massa, John Surtees and the first man ever to win a Formula One race for Scuderia Ferrari, José Froilan Gonzalez.
It is available rights free from Thursday 20th September at 17:30pm – Embargoed copies are available earlier on request.

Thursday 20 September – Fernando Alonso Media Opportunity

Shell will present Scuderia Ferrari driver Fernando Alonso at a media opportunity and media briefing on Thursday 20 September 2012 at 16:30pm. Members of the media are invited to watch Alonso drive Shell’s Professional Simulator and ask him questions ahead of the Singapore Grand Prix. 16.30pm

Pan Pacific Hotel Ballroom

37 Raffles Boulevard

Singapore 039595
Immediately after the event, media are invited to try the Shell Professional Simulator Experience for themselves with coaching available from Shell’s engineers.

Friday 21 September - Livery

Throughout the race weekend, Ferrari will run with a special 500 races livery on the front and rear wing of the F2012.

A Ferrari F458 Challenge has been specially branded with the logo and will be driven by Scuderia Ferrari test driver Marc Gené in the supporting Ferrari Challenge race.

Saturday 22 September – Scuderia Ferrari Presentation - Photocall

Shell has specially commissioned a painting by renowned motorsport artist Michael Turner that depicts the historic nature of the partnership. The unique artwork will be presented to Scuderia Ferrari’s Stefano Domenicali, Fernando Alonso and Felipe Massa, by Mark Williams, Shell Downstream Director on Saturday 22 September at 17:30pm in the pit lane.

Members of the media are welcome by invitation only.

Thursday, 13 September 2012

Asphalt Angels

He died yesterday at age 84 Dr. Sid Watkins, my former boss in Formula 1. When he invited me to fly the Medical Car of Formula 1, I never imagined that I would become the right man in the right place at the right time for such a mission tailored, specific and unique: From potential victim of a sport that killed a pilot every 10 accidents, I became part of the "team of guardian angels" of F1 under the command of Prof.. Watkins. At the wheel of Medical Car I could bring salvation to the body and soul of those who make their living on the edge in a context divorced from values ​​of God's Kingdom.

After three years with three wheels on hand: the Athletes of Christ, the International Coalition of Ministries of Sport and Mercedes C55T in all of F1 GPs. I was exhausted from giving so many tours around the world but it was worth it because I learned to argue the logic of my faith and an audience with sarcastic and very smart. A kind of people that is not within the churches, as both this story of a magazine:

Bernie Ecclestone asked Prof. Watkins:

- Because Alex agreed to do this job without earning a penny?

- Because he is hoping to convert me to Christianity.

- Then give a 10-year contract for him. I bet that before the end of the contract, the Alex will be smoking cigars and drinking whiskey and you will not have taken way ...

Every weekend of Grand Prix I spent almost eleven in training at the Medical Car, ratings and F1 racing and preliminary. Living so long with people as smart, educated and refined sense of humor, I learned a lot about medicine, first aid, politics and how life can be better if we do not we take very seriously ...

Considered one of the best neurosurgeons in the world and also professor in the subject, Sid created a brilliant system of emergency care to riders. His performance in this area was so effective that he was appointed chairman of the security committee of F1.

Bernie Ecclestone gave him carte blanche to demand political power and the construction of medical centers equipped with helipads, helicopters and medical teams specialized in ransom for all courses. Require the construction of safer cars and circuits. Enter the Medical Car fast riders to meet with cardiorespiratory arrest before the occurrence of brain death. And to hire who he wanted for his team. Including me.

As a result the F1, which killed more than one pilot per year, drastically reduced the number of deaths becoming the risky sport safer world. Since the tragedy of Ayrton in 1994 until today, no pilot died in F1.

Thanks to a neurosurgeon who found the meaning of his existence breaking paradigms of safety standards and made history saving lives not only pilots but of thousands of citizens worldwide through safety devices developed on the track and built into cars street.

Twenty years older than me, Sid used to introduce me to his guests as his son and confessed in one of his books that he was a convinced agnostic but if someone someday be able to convert him to Christianity that someone would Alex Ribeiro. The best thing I learned from him was the art of aging well and found meaning to his life.

Together we participated in 48 starts closing the grid of 48 GPs driving a fantastic car that was carrying a medical team fastest in the world. The most dramatic rescues were: Michael Schumacher at Silverstone, Luciano Burti in SPA, Pedro Paulo Diniz in Hockenheim, Henry Bernoldi at Interlagos, when Nick Heidfeld took off the door and the Medical Car almost took me along. And Monza where the wheel loose from one of eight cars involved in an accident on the first lap struck a firefighter who died in our hands as we tried to save him. .

Along with my duties as a minister of the gospel and sports bureaucrat, God allowed me to fly back. This time of great joy and adrenaline rush was a gift of great value for the healing of traumas of the heart with the closing of an open cycle in my past, through a decent burial for my career. This process added a extraordinary meaning to my existence, an enormous gratitude to God and to one of the most extraordinary people I've ever met: Professor Sid Watkins.

Alex Dias Ribeiro

I would parabenisar everything the English Sid Watkins did, but the season Senna's death, I think it should have an easy construction apparatus that would have saved Senna, and never got the idea to offer this aperelho medical team hope to give this porder own idea before I die is easy and simple and can save the life of pilot too .. I'm still available for urgent clarification.



Sunday, 2 September 2012

SAO PAULO (let's vote!) - Just to reinforce, the FIA ​​announced Maldonado to double punishment for having dropped 5 positions before and another 5 positions for having Marrusia leaning against the car (look at how much money this perdendendo Frank Williams if he had not sent Barrichello though ... surely would have won several races and be in first place easily and just now the suspension Grosjean for a race. now he does not dispute the Italian Grand Prix, next Sunday.


Jérôme D'Ambrosio, who was the Virgin, is officially the third driver of Lotus. Do not even know if he knows the address of the team. Not know if it fits in the cockpit. You can not have that black jumpsuit. Will they put it to run?
I think so, but anyway, it's a great time to speculate ... and several journalists in Brazil and around the world have launched this search:

Who would you put in the car? Heidfeld? Petrov? Bottas? Bianchi? Rubens Barrichello Why not?
What will 3 months was indicated by 100 % of the fanatical fans FERRARI to return in 2013 FERRARI in itself, is no doubt an excellent pilot with qualities that others do not have

1) It is very fast

2) Do not spoil the car

3) Do you know the car hit

4) low wages

5) has sponsors

6) super experienced

7) surely goes to the podium earning millions of dollars to hire staff that

8) 99.9% of pilots and mechanics and team leaders like Barrichello

9) In addition to all these advantages would be a "HUGE MARKETING TEAM"
For these and many other reasons


by  Lionel de Campos Jorge

Saturday, 1 September 2012

Frank Williams, the King of contracts traded Senna wrong by Barrichello for a measly 5 million U.S. dollars that Batista also used investors' money sponsoring Senninha wrong, boy otimo educated, intelligent, but lack a lot to walk in front.

Rubens Barrichello certainly would be in first place in the championship handily and would surely win the world and Uncle Frank would earn 350 million U.S. dollars. ÔH !!! CONTRACT WRONG! ! !

grew eyes on U.S. 5 mijones and leaving this to win U.S. 345 mijones ..

Until that Galvao Bueno is one of the greatest commentators on the world of Formula 1 and the largest in Brazil and everything that speaks very repercurte campaigned in Formula 1 "BACK RUBENS BARRICHELLO" that I all Ferrari fans in Europe already asked for months for the BACK Barrichello and Ferrari ... only Uncle Frank enchergou than that .. and Elke Batista ... which sponsored the pilot wrong.

But never too late to correct a mistake and would certainly give greater "MARKETING" for Team Williams, all journalists worldwide would want to interview and Barrichello would shoot virtually the only car of Williams in all races, and Barrichello would win MARKETING largest POSITIVE for Team .. if I called Frank exchanged ja ja Barrichelo back to finish the 9 races, ready to win in 2013.   by Lionel de Campos Jorge