Thursday, 23 October 2008

Webber: "Hamilton is phenomenal and deserves the title"

Mark Webber said the 2008 championship is coming to an end and that should deservedly take the title is the leader, Lewis Hamilton (McLaren).
Congratulation Webber to admit that Hamilton is good. . . it shows humility and honesty from you .....congratulation.. .

Toyota makes the Formula 1 engines if there is default.

According to the head of Toyota, John Howett, his team will say goodbye to the FIA Formula 1 engines introduce standards in the category.

It is logical that Toyota will not get out of Formula 1 that people would lose would be to own Toyota and fans around the world, but I thought that statement ... sensassional very strong and direct ... because nobody has any patience with the crazy Mosley of the FIA ... I was told that would not have published more news from Toyota is impossible .. .. but after a declaration so beautiful and strong against the nonsense of Mosley ... I had to publish .... and Living the Toyota ...and John Howett . . . .