Thursday, 11 September 2008


These are the big boys who are the Formula 1 the times were more the balance is positive and most of the time to put congratulation to all
Hamilton calmly reaching for a more hard and difficult battle
This is oque I admire as an engineer high-tech
This is also great photo shows the beautiful entry of air and two sponsors Johnnie Walker and Vodafone
Team McLarenMercedes always caring and attentive to your guests
McLaren trucks reflected in the
Bela security
Hamilton does not listen to criticism is bad oque is right and ready
Homage to the battalion of photographers

Hamilton always attentive to the details of the engineers all the time
What beautiful machine! ! !
When I see this beautiful machine I am imagining my project that makes the car go faster .... applied in that project is ..... who knows one day ....

SHUHEI NAKA moto (JPN) Senior Tecnical Director Honda Racing this is another entrepreneur who would like to talk about my project engineering that makes the car go faster ... but it is very difficult to talk with Hes already tried several times but not abandoning


Incompetëncia FIA ... to demonstrate Jurisdiction TO TURN AFTER OF ERROR THAT TO COMMIT because err is human

Symonds: Spa ruling bad for racingRenault's engineering chief Pat Symonds fears Lewis Hamilton’s demotion in the Belgian Grand Prix could set a negative precedent for Formula 1 and result in drivers willing to take fewer risks in wheel-to-wheel battles. Read the full story here.