Saturday, 16 April 2011

George Harrison and Emerson Fittipaldi entrevista- interview

Congratulations to Flavio Gomes journalist for publishing this incredible story ... .. I would stress to the younger ... the enormous affection for George Emerson. ... Patience and care and education ... Emerson .. Contrary to popular belief today. ... At that time was much harder You talk to a guy FAMOUS ... as a former Beatle Bi ... or a Formula 1 champion and owner of Emerson as a team ... .... But Emerson was and is UNIQUE .... You note that George responds in regards to Emerson. ... ... I and many fans since 1972 .. I think Emerson were on the beach of Pernambuco, and was a caring alone .. always with everyone. ... Even after becoming champion ... .. Emerson trained much ... .. race ... did gymnastics. ... Everything was an exercise that caused her hands with a very strong elastic ... by saying that in a race he had over 5 million gearshift and hands needed to be in order .. could not give muscle cramp. ... as the arms legs ... everything. ... and if it was lunch time ... .. always called about 3 or 4 fans to enter this wonderful home this movie ... and lunch .... And the people who were not always picked up the beast beach there .. Emerson ... .. to see his beautiful wife Maria Helena ... and your guests with Jack Stwart ... (and I were rivals on the track ... but outside of it all is respected and liked VERY EMERSON. ... It has no explanation. ... On second thought may be that Emerson was always honest, kind, EDUCATED ... I dunno ... not until 1979 that I was not .. it was the year I married 23 years ... .. and stop knowing Geoge live. ... but thanks to Flavio could remember several years of my life watching this wonderful video Guarujá-São Paulo-Brasil 1979.. .. hugs Journalist Lionel de Campos Jorge

George no Brasil em 1979 e uma Copersucar