Friday, 14 March 2008

I was very ...but very to look at this photo takenoff 13/03 of Ron Dennis ....This is the photo that I taste to divulge ....Ron full happy Dennis of health, e total recouped. Now Ron Dennis it was yunger 30 years....It seems that it has in the maximum 35 years......
Excellent declaration....when reporter it asked: If Ron Dennis felt lack of Alonso ( super question provocative boat and ).
Ron Dennis that is a genio and very educado and intelligent it answered: Yes I feel lack of Alonso....after all is one bichampion.......e I also find that feels lack of us therefore is with an excellent car.....
Alonso already coarse and bad was educated.....What Alonso said does not interest.....O THAT IT INTERESTED IS WHAT RON DENNIS SPEAKS........

Now we go to take care of of our beloved pilot....é êsse smile that pass well a now more experienced certainty go to make as always fêz.......é most good very intelligent and educated one exelente is enough to têr a bit of patience and not to bind for the world-wide commentaries....e to go to the few marking however first, however second, however third... accumulating necessary pontos..não to gain all and to make all poles.que arrives after all at the champion heading....gaining races or not always te'r our support...... God protects it... and good luck... Lionel and children...

What it matters is that they are all of super the VodafoneMcLarenMercedes team... glad and motivated to make an excellent season and if God to help to be champion in 2008.


A Bridgestone anunciou os compostos dos pneus que se vão utilizar nos G.P de F1 até ao G.P. Inglaterra, os compostos super-macios utilizados no Monaco serão diferentes dos utilizados em 2007.Cada piloto receberá 14 jogos de pneus, para seco em cada G.P divididos em ste jogos de compostos, os pilotos contarão com quatro jogos para condições de chuva e três para condições de chuva extrema.Os compostos até ao G.P.Inglaterra são:
GP da Austrália - Macios, Intermedios
GP da Malasia - Intermedios, Duros
GP da Bahrein - Macios, Intermedios
GP da Espanha - Intermedios, Duros
GP da Turquía - Intermedios, Duros
GP da Mónaco - Super Macios, Macios
GP da Canadá - Super Macios, Macios
GP da França - Macios, Intermedios
GP da Inglaterra - Intemedios, Duros