Monday, 9 June 2008


Kindnesses on the me Lionel what always incentive on the Toyota & ago of all wherefore the team no stop never & on the those men marvelous President John Howett and Bernie than we do we've the pleasure of to see those victorious ......

She looks the happiness of Timo Glock celebrates his 4 th place with team Principal Tadashi Yamashina , if depend of I Lionel we'll see a good deal those victorious always congratulations on the all staff Toyota

Absurd , ridiculous this rule of the light red a race of the world the pilot she enters on the box the team she works super fast & the pilot she leaves I said She leaves. NO FICA STILL waiting what nem fool waiting the one to? rule mais idiot is mistaken tem the stripe white on saida from the boxing about to no occur accident no proper of light red the pilot esta with the head on the p / hour & tem what about to is péssimo about to the pilot the celebrated no accompanied será that doesn't from to see that Bernie tem what take away this rule & Ron Dennis & Frank Willians but worse is take away 10 positions into the proximo GP I have certainty what Max esta for he brings about that God it stands to reason goes make up for the team again failure 10 races & God it stands to reason this rule is tão idiot that if valleys even the mecanicos they wouldn't need act a part this exelente I work could exchange a 5 minutes , & as many what is mistaken the staff what she turns on the green she turned on rapido. why not she turned on ago qual rule exists about to how long the red fica lighted? because the inspector she lit the green soon after from beat? why Êle she mistook? the MCLaren tem what go in with protest & goes profit into the minimo take away the 10 positions of the GP France Ma s tem what protest the weather of the light esta mistaken he had what be green.
Ah!!! I REMEMBERED besides a thing what favors Hamilton and that she samples what HE do not have blame & yes the FIA esta mistaken. THE FIA she spoke what punish Hamilton em 10 positions because she slammed em Kimi & shot HE Kimi from race. ........Become of what Kimi she slammed em VeteL em MonacO & drum shot hE Vetel from race........ & KIMI Was not PUNISH EM 10 Positions........ BECAUSE PUNISH HAMILTOM????