Wednesday, 1 October 2008

More a product manufactured by Bridgestone

Bridgestone to Increase Production Capacity of Adhesive Film for Solar ModulesPromoting Further Enhancement of Eco - friendly Products and About threefold increase Production CapacityTokyo (Sept 29, 2008) - Bridgestone Corporation announced today that it will strengthen production capacity of EVA (ethylene vinyl acetate) film at its Iwata Plant in Iwata City, Shizuoka. This move is in response to growing demand for EVA film used as an adhesive film for solar modules. Bridgestone has earmarked approximately ¥5.4 billion for investment in the project, with plans to begin increasing production in early 2011. Combined with the previously announced expansion plan in April, 2008 which will begin increasing production in late 2010, Bridgestone will have boosted production capacity by roughly 3 times relative to current levels, once underway. Total monthly production of EVA film will be around 3,000 tons.

Toyota in Grand Prix Japan


BRIDGESTONE promotes mobility mensage thouah Formule One

Bridgestone launches Make Cars Green tyre08/10/2008
Formula One will show its support for the FIA’s Make Cars Green campaign by running on specially prepared green-grooved tyres at the Japanese Grand Prix.Bridgestone, the global partner for the FIA’s campaign, launched the Make Cars Green tyre at a ceremony in Tokyo today, with support from Formula One teams McLaren-Mercedes and Ferrari, as well as their drivers Lewis Hamilton, Heikki Kovalainen, Felipe Massa and Kimi Räikkönen.The initiative demonstrates that Formula One’s teams and partners are backing the Make Cars Green campaign’s goal to reduce the impact of motoring on the environment. The connections between greener motoring and Formula One will be further strengthened next year with the introduction of energy regenerating hybrid devices, one of a number of initiatives in the sport that will be increasingly relevant to the car industry and help accelerate the use of fuel-efficient technology on public roads.
Hirohide Hamashima - Bridgestone Director of Motorsport Tyre Development, said:
What challenges does Fuji present?
"The major feature of Fuji is the very long straight, and this straight goes into a slow corner which will mean some interesting overtaking opportunities. There are only two high speed corners, with the 100R and 300R. We will see dry set-ups with low downforce configurations. The surface is quite smooth, so I do not expect problems with wear. As we saw last year, the biggest challenge could be the weather and I will certainly be bringing wet weather clothing."
Are you confident in Bridgestone's tyre choice if the weather is dry?
"We have learnt a lot from racing in other racing categories at Fuji, such as Formula Nippon and Super GT, over the years and it is from this knowledge that we chose the Formula One tyre position of the medium and soft tyres from our range. Of course, last season we did not see too much dry running, but we know that the 100R corner will be a challenge for graining on the left front tyre. However, if competitors manage this well we are confident of a strong performance from our tyres."

SHELL in Grand Prix Japan

Ian Albiston
Find out about Ian’s career with Shell and what his favourite part of his job is.
It’s an interesting circuit in Japan because the 1.5km straight requires the teams to run a very low downforce setting to extract the maximum speed from the cars, but the rest of the circuit is quite slow and has a lot of turns. It means that the teams have to compromise on their set-up and we will have to keep a close eye on the condition of the Shell products inside the cars throughout the weekend. With such a long pit straight, the cars will run at 19,000 RPM for over 15 seconds which will be very tough on the engine. This is why the Shell Helix Ultra motor oil is designed to protect and cool the engine, allowing the cars to operate at their maximum potential.

Welcome to the Grand Prix of Japan - curiosodades

BRIDGESTONE Headquarters in Tokio
Bridgestone ... the largest tire manufacturer in the world and official supplier to Formula1

Tokyo night view
Sony building Ginza intersection Tokyo
Space World Kitakyushu
Osaka City
Museun the John Lennon, Saitania

FAREWELL Call State Guest House AKASAKA Palace
Matsu-No-Ma Imperial Palace
People's visit to the Palace for His Majesty's Birthday
Honda Aoyama
Azimo robbery the most perfect of the world made by Honda that turns the world showing ... is the marketing well done ..... very good I have also seen live in the Hall of the car in Sao Paulo Brazil and won a replica of that Azimo keep with much affection and I am proud to say that to the world
Name of Airton Senna and the flag of Brazil in the car that ran in F1
Honda Collection Hall in Montergi, Tochigi
traditional dancer that the whole world admires " MAIKO " de Kimono

Demonstrating how to make the famous ritual of serving the tea

Beautiful neighborhood of Shirakawa, in Quioto
Aquarium of incredible HakKeijima, in Yokohama
Famous Bullet Train
Thermal waters in the open air of OKUTSU Spa in OKAYAMA

Hot Springs, from " UMIJIGOKU " in Beppo
Thermal waters Hot Springs, at the Ski HAKUBA

Satélite image Japan
Buda Templo Todaiji in NARA

Toyota Headquarter
Toyota Group Pavilion
Salão da TOYOTA AMLUX Tokyo