Saturday, 1 September 2012

Frank Williams, the King of contracts traded Senna wrong by Barrichello for a measly 5 million U.S. dollars that Batista also used investors' money sponsoring Senninha wrong, boy otimo educated, intelligent, but lack a lot to walk in front.

Rubens Barrichello certainly would be in first place in the championship handily and would surely win the world and Uncle Frank would earn 350 million U.S. dollars. ÔH !!! CONTRACT WRONG! ! !

grew eyes on U.S. 5 mijones and leaving this to win U.S. 345 mijones ..

Until that Galvao Bueno is one of the greatest commentators on the world of Formula 1 and the largest in Brazil and everything that speaks very repercurte campaigned in Formula 1 "BACK RUBENS BARRICHELLO" that I all Ferrari fans in Europe already asked for months for the BACK Barrichello and Ferrari ... only Uncle Frank enchergou than that .. and Elke Batista ... which sponsored the pilot wrong.

But never too late to correct a mistake and would certainly give greater "MARKETING" for Team Williams, all journalists worldwide would want to interview and Barrichello would shoot virtually the only car of Williams in all races, and Barrichello would win MARKETING largest POSITIVE for Team .. if I called Frank exchanged ja ja Barrichelo back to finish the 9 races, ready to win in 2013.   by Lionel de Campos Jorge