Friday, 7 November 2008

Clarifying doubts for Hamilton and his Father

I would like to clarify a few facts for 2 reasons :

1)I am Brazilian and I know how the Brazilians think ...
2) I have great admiration for Hamilton and McLaren and Ron Dennis and Father of Hamilton and I do not want to have wrong opinions
I had the honor to be invited to the festival's Johnnie Walker as I was also invited last year as you can see in the photos that have not just put on the site
In this festival were present 99.99% of people love Lewis Hamilton and Hamilton twisted to win, but reporters were also 2 ..... comedians who do not understand anything about Formula1 for ...... You have an idea ... here in Brazil because nobody likes them .. ... celebrations go on and nobody leaves come ... then they're in the door at the entrance of the party enjoying everyone ..... working on a TV channel with a few small budgets and resolved do this kind of comedy cozando of all world
No doubt next year will not let ... but explaining the black cat here in Brazil is synonymous with bad luck .. if the person is walking on the street and pass a black cat that meant that the person was going to have bad luck that day ...... but that was before .... to more than 50 years ago today ... .. no one else believes that being a black cat and the staff picks up looks like any other
And explaining to the Father of Hamilton has no racist connotation here in Brazil ... because the majority is either black has nothing to do at that time believed that anyone White, yellow, black make it in front of a black cat would have bad luck ... as a cat could be white or brown ..... .... then gave the shirt of Vasco who is vice always wins ... and then never wanted to give a DVD (untrue that does not exist) with Rubens Barrichello on the front page crying ... saying that the DVD Rubinho teaches how ..... You lose a race as they enjoy the world do not respect anyone Rubinho They enjoy the whole week ... and theFelipe Massa when you lose a race. ... or any person black, white or yellow
Now I can guarantee one thing ... I have recorded that everyone who was present in the party was against this dime-store joke all were weak against those two comedians who can not make a humorous and intelligent ... They were dying of shame I never saw them two with so much shame I think if they could return atraz would not have done this farce of the black cat .... the shirt of the soccer team that is only the DVD and vice Barrichello was the most intelligent UK but ... and nobody liked
As I said everyone wanted to wish good luck to Hamilton and had the great pleasure to have been invited were all people who twists the whole year by Hamilton and had the great pleasure to see him live I always hope this party all year round because the place is small and looks like a living room is as if inviting Hamilton to chat a bit with Nós. .... and those two fools humorists left with almost everything good that was the end of the party but on behalf of all who were I apologize to the person there Hamilton and his father and promised that the coming year do not come