Tuesday, 27 May 2008

This wink is dificil of describing the enormous emotion than I do I felt.

Was a mixture of many emotions , many happinesses at the same moment Happiness in to see Hamilton profit 1 place ..... recover the tip of the championship ..... & profit em Monaco ! ! ! Happiness in to see the happiness of Ron Dennis ! ! !
I WHAT AS MANY I FOUGHT PUT THIS WINK..... To see the work of this great guy Ron Dennis what ago a job sensational , diamond , on staff McLarenMercedes win align with this diamond pilot Lewis Hamilton . . . . Happiness my & emotion in to see Hamilton cuddle 2 turns Ron Dennis , wanting say thank you on the Ron Dennis & all staff McLarenMercedes at exelente car . . . . . .After all believes with certainty if Ron Dennis , he might have way out We did not they should be this enormous please in to see All staff VodaFoneMcLarenMercedes profit......... he should place I fought as many wherefore to stay..... congratulations on the whoever we keep this diamond staff of the manner what is........ & let's go about to the Canadian.