Friday, 31 October 2008

Hirohide Hamashima - Bridgestone Director of Motorsport Tyre Development, said:
"Today was very much a standard first day of practice. The cars are much quicker compared with last year's Friday running, however we have seen a lot of graining, especially with the soft tyre, but also with the medium tyre too. This graining has an effect on the degradation of the tyres, but tomorrow we hope that the circuit surface is improved which will mean better consistency. The amount of graining we have seen shows us that changing the tyre allocation a step harder was correct though. If we had brought the soft and super soft tyres, as we used last season, the graining and degradation would have been far worse. Of course, the weather is often a challenge here in Brazil and today has been very cool, but we saw similar conditions last year on Friday, only for Sunday's race to be very hot."

Wednesday, 29 October 2008

Mayor of Montreal (where the stage is disputed), Gérald Tremblay, is confident it can convince the manager to continue with the trial. To do so, had a two-hour meeting with Ecclestone, outlining his views on the subject. It was not disclosed the content of the conversation, but Tremblay returned with great hope that the Canadian stage remains in the category.
"We had a better understanding of the problems that were way. We still have much work to be done to evaluate all options, but it is still possible to have a GP in Montreal in 2009 and subsequent years, "said local mayor

I knew Bernie Ecclestone is doing the possible and impossible for the GP of Canada back ...... Eclestone Bernie is the "common sense of Formula 1 has always fought for the category grow ... with no class always fights ... united all teams have a lot of respect and affection by Bernie Eclestone

Tuesday, 28 October 2008

Lewis Hamilton arrived VIVA ! ! !

How are you approaching this final, crucial weekend of the year?"Fundamentally the same way I've approached the previous races. Obviously, my aim for Brazil is slightly different from the other grands prix: I don't need to win the race, but that won't stop me from going into the weekend looking to be as strong as possible. Shanghai was a good example of that: we hit the ground running on Friday morning and never looked back. Our aim wasn't to push too hard, but we found ourselves in a position at the front and took it comfortably from there. That's what I am hoping to achieve in Brazil - a straightforward weekend that allows me to just focus on my car and my driving . ( VodafoneMcLarenMercedes team kindly sent us )
It was this Tuesday 28 which landed at Hamilton International Airport of Guarulhos, and it is with great satisfaction that we have Hamilton stepping on land Brazilian . . .
We follow that Hamilton during an entire year through the world we are proud to get to Sao Paulo Hamilton to dispute the Brazilian GP Lionel wish I have great pleasure in receiving all members of Team VodafoneMcLarenMercedes
We hope that our friends reporters Fassa not stupid questions
If I were Hamilton would say: I am a runner and I and my team came to run .... if they leave the delegates .... commissioners and some pilots ... We ... I and the team will do an excellent race to win the championship of 2008 ... and it's just ....
Now for nerds questions ... I do not respond and say NEXT QUESTION ........
Yeah that smile we hope that this last GP Hamilton feel that before during and after the GP Hamilton smiles as well as relaxation is well without any pressure
Welcome Ron Dennis is always a pleasure when you arrive in Sao Paulo and are always very kind to me and my children thank you and Good Luck
Hamilton always very polite and gentle with my daughter Gizela Dawidowicz Jorge (this was the last year) and below with my other son Marcus Vinicius Dawidowicz Jorge always rooting for McLaren and since last year for Lewis Hamilton
Well twisted to McLaren for more than 20 years ... here is my wife Teresa Cristina Jorge Dawidowicz with my 3 children Gizela, Marcus Vinicius and Luis Gustavo picture story that is the real proof that we like to Formula 1
After years later in Paddok Gizela in 1992, Marcus Vinicius and Luiz Gustavo Lionel and I but always with McLaren and then with Airton Senna
After a few years ago in Paddok Marcus Vinicius Dawidowicz Jorge .... always admiring the McLaren ... that it is faithful fans and the entire family ... porisso `WELCOME TO ALL OF TEAM Vodafone McLaren Mercedes in Brazil

In the days remaining up to the decision of the World 2008, Michael Schumacher told the BBC today that Lewis Hamilton has the ability to beat his record of world title. And if happen ... does not care about that.

Monday, 27 October 2008

FIA the Max Mosley announces rules ABSURDAS

Same for ALL MOTOR ! ! !
Same engine oil, grease equal, equal fluids ALL ! ! !
There are hundreds or thousands of parts and suppliers for each team Max wants all these sponsors World lose their jobs ABSURDO ! ! !
Imagine how these meetings are difficult to discuss these absurd rules of Max Mosley .... just see the words of Ron Dennis ..........Do you think it's easy to lead a team ...... each team takes years and years to develop a winning car ..... here comes the Max Mosley and want to end it all Absurd, ridiculous, PINGO NOT HAVE ONE OF LOGIC ... It would be a LOSS WORLD OF BILLIONS . or TRILLIONS ........... not to mention the huge delay in the development of cars .

Felipe Massa X Lewis Hamilton

Felipe Massa when he was asked this Sunday in a program of Rede Globo that has 100% audience ... if you wanted the car for Hamilton Massa break ...... He replied: I learned that you should not wish for anything bad to the other ... it all back to us .... even at Massa twice .... Congratulations ... I live here talking about it is the Truth

As for Lewis Hamilton and McLaren team can stay quiet because they did everything right all year round and for sure will win this prize is for those who work hard and right ... God help and nobody can hinder

Congratulation to the British Consulate

I would like to thank immensely the British Consulate in São Paulo, which 40 years ago when the prestige with the greatest care and courtesy.

Saturday, 25 October 2008

This is the climate that circulates in the world

Candidates to crash into the car 22 in Brazil GP

Raikkonen - This is practicing for Rallys

Barrichello - Thus leaving the F1 doing something great for your country

Coulthard - This will dismiss the F1 being a Scotsman Ferrando an English

Nakajima - Since I do not know the braking time

Kovalainen - Since this with her bag full of clout

Sutil - out the headlines of newspapers

Button - for having stolen the nickname of the "promise English"

Alonso - To keep the record for youngest champion

Piquet - to help his compatriot before being fired by Renault

Kubica- Why bet and lost with Hamilton saying that Norbet Haug would make arrangements this year and would fit within the F1

Vettel - because he can beat the record of the year to come Alonso

Fisichella - to note that it is Italian

Rosber- for having a car is worse that he best pilot ...
- Why do not like grabs and hugs when exaggerated rises in a weighted podiun doubt his masculinity

Trulli - for not having liked your wonderful wine

Heidefeld - Well not quite ... but this just to stay in front of Hamilton will no longer crazy about não'poder overcome and batera in any wall

As you can see 99% of the twisted Massa that is 1% for that leftover think I am

.Eddie Jordan is back, at least to make cents. Without popes in the language, spoke of the duel at Interlagos Lewis Hamilton and encouraged to play hard in wheel-to-wheel.

"People should not like what I will say, but if you try to get him out mass of evidence, as it did in Japan, then Lewis should be ready. If he tries something, Lewis will have to turn the steering wheel toward Massa for ensure that it does not finish the race. "

The Irish also assessed: "What happens in the championship depend on what Lewis learned in the last two tests. He was brilliant in China, it was perfect, but it was horrible in Japan if the Hamilton China is Brazil's, he will be champion" .

He needs to be careful. He knows now that the world is against him - the other pilots and the commissioners are in opposition. I think even if what happened to him after victory in Spa was terrible and punishment in the Japanese GP was very hard too. He has to learn to deal with it. "

I say Lionel Jorge Campos much more than hard with the punishments were wrong ... unjust wrong way ugly but said ... God is not fair to those who do things right .... and fixed .....

Have you seen that happen millions of times last year .. McLaren was the case with that of espionage lost .. .. 2 puerility times in the first escaped in one place ... and who is crushing on Monday pressed a wrong button.

This year the Ferrari not happy with the performance of the car tried to gain influence in the commission of FIA cry .... God ... hold the hose incredible .... eh .... the worst that human beings look and do not learn "If you do a certain thing earn 10 gifts from God ... Now if you do something wrong ... earn 10 punishment of God .... ... .. So what advantage do the right thing ....

Rubinho supposed to dialogue with Ferrari

Publicada em 23/10/2008 às 18:53
Confira o susposto diálogo com Barrichello
VOZ 1 - Jean Todt, então chefe de equipe da Ferrari
VOZ 2 - Rubens Barrichello, piloto da FerrariKS - Karl Scheister , o procurador-chefe da Ferrari
VOZ 4 - Idely, mãe de Barrichello

Início da conversa:

VOZ 1: Rubens, você está pilotando muito bem, otimamente, continue com o bom trabalho. Faltam 5 voltas, agora
VOZ 2: Obrigado, Jean. O carro está excelente, realmente muito bom hoje. Eu nem sei como agradecer a vocês. Diga a minha mãe que eu vou dar-lhe o melhor Dia das Mães da sua vida. VOZ 1: É bom ouvir isso, Rubens. Ela está adorando assistir à corrida conosco. Eu irei passar para ela. Ela está muito orgulhosa! Ouça, você se importaria de desacelerar um pouco e deixar Michael ganhar?
VOZ 2: Obrigado por dizer a ela, Jean. Ela ficará tão feliz. Vocês são os melhores, simplesmente os melhores! [estática, intelegível]
VOZ 1: Ah, nós também te admiramos, Rubens. Você tem sido de grande ajuda para a equipe. Michael também acha. Faltam 4 voltas agora. Ah, a distância de Michael ainda é de 3 segundos. VOZ 2: Tá bom
VOZ 1: Ah, Rubens, acabamos de falar com Michael novamente. Ele diz que a distância ainda é de 3 segundos.
VOZ 2: Que ótimo! Nós teremos 1º e 2º! Obrigado, meu Deus! Incrível! [sons de choro ouvidos pelo rádio]
VOZ 1: Tá bem, Rubens, faltam só 3 voltas agora. Nós precisamos fazer um ajuste na tática, garotão.
VOZ 2: [ainda chorando] Claro Jean! O que você disser! Como está o meu combustível?
VOZ 1: Não se preocupe, o combustível é suficiente. Ouça, só uma pequena mudança na tática. Nós queremos que Michael ganhe.
VOZ 2: (risos) Não me façam rir, gente, eu quase errei a freada na curva Lauda. Obrigado por quebrar a tensão. Eu aprecio isso. Vocês são os maiores!
VOZ 1: Ah, Rubens. Eu não estou brincando.
VOZ 2: [estática, intelegível]
VOZ 1: Você me entende, Rubens?
VOZ 2: [mais estática, intelegível]
VOZ 1: Rubens, a gente já passou por essa rotina antes. Não vamos passar por isso novamente. VOZ 2: Sim, entendido. Eu achei que você tivesse me dito para me curvar e assumir a traseira de Michael de novo, seu sapo francês magrelo.
VOZ 1: Rubens, agora não seja assim. Faltam 2 voltas agora, ele está bonito.
VOZ 2: Não é justo! Ele já ganhou um zilhão de vezes, e eu só uma vez, e só porque vocês pagaram a Mercedes para usar aquela placa idiota e correr pela pista depois que o garoto Mickey se ferrou.
VOZ 1: Rubens, não tenho idéia do que você está falando. Eu tenho alguém que quer falar com você. É Karl Scheister, o procurador-chefe da nossa corporação. KS: Oi, Rubens. Grande corrida! VOZ 2: Se manda, seu incorporado doente [opa!] KS: Você está terrível, muito bem! Ouça, eu estou lendo o seu contrato agora Rubens, e eu cito, "considerando a parte primeira" - que é você, por acaso - "deveria ultrapassar o carro principal do grupo da parte segunda" - que somos nós, significando Michael e a Ferrari - "e recusar as ordens da equipe para corrigir a situação, a parte primeira estará sujeita a penalidades, o que inclui a perda total do salário..."
VOZ 2: Eu não ligo! KS: "perda de direção..."
VOZ 2: Que seja! KS: "...e a transferência de 'Lulu', canina mestiça pertencente à primeira parte e atualmente sob porte da segunda parte, para uma terceira parte inominada permanentemente".
VOZ 2: Seus desgraçados!! Eu ainda vou levar essa para casa! Eu mereço essa vitória!!
VOZ 1: Rubens, eu tenho mais alguém que gostaria de conversar com você, falta 1 volta, cara. A pressão do combustível está boa. VOZ NÃO IDENTIFICADA 4: Rubens?
VOZ 2: Mãe?
VOZ 4: Rubens, eu estou com medo. Não consigo enxergar e não sei para onde eles me levaram. Meus pulsos doem! Deus me ajude! [sons abafados]
VOZ 2: Mãe? Mãe!! Seus desgraçados!! Seus doentes, doentes desgraçados!!

VOZ 1: Rubens, Michael está perguntando o que está demorando tanto. Falta 1 volta, cara.
VOZ 2: Está bem!! Está bem!! Vocês venceram!! Vocês venceram!! Só não machuquem a mamãe. E eu quero a Lulu de volta quando a temporada acabar.
VOZ 1: Sem problemas, cara. O Dia das Mães só ocorre uma vez por ano.
VOZ 2: Obrigado Deus... [sons de choro foram ouvidos]
VOZ 1: E um contrato é um contrato.
VOZ NÃO IDENTIFICADA 5: Uhhhhhuuuuu!!!!! Eu ganhei!! Eu ganhei!!
VOZ 1: Grande corrida, Rubens.
VOZ 2: Ah, calem a boca, seus tagarelas...

Fim da transmissão.

Everybody published ... and the famous reporter LEMYR MARTINS confirmed ... the Ferrari did not comment and neither family of Barrichello. . .
I just ask a question .... I ended up where Colin Chapman .... that date have not found a thread of hair if you want .....

Bridgestone Motorspot Brazilian Grand Prix

Bridgestone heads to Brazil for the thrilling conclusion to the 2008 FIA Formula One Championship, where Bridgestone's medium and soft compound Potenza tyres will be put through their paces on the undulating 4.309km Autodromo Jose Carlos Pace for the Brazilian Grand Prix.
After the more recently designed or redesigned facilities of the last few races, the track in Brazil, which is also known as Interlagos, is somewhat more longstanding as it was last redesigned for the 1990 Brazilian Grand Prix. The circuit is well known for its bumps, although resurfacing over the years has diminished the impact of these. Significantly, the track was resurfaced in its entirety in 2007, prior to last year's race.
Cars will run in an anti-clockwise direction and face significant gradient change over a lap. This is a circuit where drivers do not have much time to relax, and its twisty infield section makes graining something which will be on teams' minds. The circuit surface often starts the race meeting very dirty, and improvements in lap times, as well as fewer mentions of graining, should be seen over the weekend as the surface improves.
Hirohide Hamashima - Bridgestone Director of Motorsport Tyre Development, said:
What challenges does Interlagos present?
"We expect a lot of graining, especially at the beginning of the weekend. There are two reasons for this; Interlagos often has a very dirty track surface and the twisty infield layout makes graining likely, regardless of the track surface conditions. Interlagos is a track which is deceptive as it is not as harsh on tyres as you would think, although the weather conditions can play a big part, especially if it is hot like it was last season."
Why has the tyre allocation changed from 2007?
"Last year we were too soft in our allocation and we saw blistering on many tyres, even those used by competitors who we would expect to be quite gentle on our tyres. We expect the medium and soft compounds be a good choice, plus the change will provide teams with a challenge, especially as the track surface will have evolved from last year when it was brand new."

Friday, 24 October 2008

McLaren and Hamilton has an excellent Motor Mercedes

In fact, this is an element that serves more to the "drier" and for the fans of Felipe Massa. The Mercedes-Benz engines, which power the McLaren, broken only once this year - and with Heikki Kovalainen in the GP of Japan itself is no longer clear English team, in interviews with their leaders, some concern with this item. But it is a fact that the reliability of propellants German is better than that of Ferrari's rivals, who already has undergone two breaks (Massa and Kimi in Hungary in Valencia).

Third GP of Brazil Bridgestone Golf

In planning the GPDA (Grand Prix Drivers Association), the association of pilots of Formula 1, the Wednesday before the Brazilian Grand Prix Formula 1, next week's issue will be days of golf.
The cool part is that the rent will revert to GRAACC (Group of Support to Children and Adolescents with Cancer). For beginners in the sport, there will be a golf clinic taught by experienced Alessandro Pereira, Brazil's PGA (Professional Golfers Association of Brazil`s).

For Raul Viana, director of corporate affairs for Bridgestone, is a great opportunity to unite diverse interests. "Our expectation is to create a more traditional event in F-1, generating tariffs interesting to the press and teams, in addition to contributing to the cause of a body of indisputable importance, which is the GRAACC," he says.

Thursday, 23 October 2008

Webber: "Hamilton is phenomenal and deserves the title"

Mark Webber said the 2008 championship is coming to an end and that should deservedly take the title is the leader, Lewis Hamilton (McLaren).
Congratulation Webber to admit that Hamilton is good. . . it shows humility and honesty from you .....congratulation.. .

Toyota makes the Formula 1 engines if there is default.

According to the head of Toyota, John Howett, his team will say goodbye to the FIA Formula 1 engines introduce standards in the category.

It is logical that Toyota will not get out of Formula 1 that people would lose would be to own Toyota and fans around the world, but I thought that statement ... sensassional very strong and direct ... because nobody has any patience with the crazy Mosley of the FIA ... I was told that would not have published more news from Toyota is impossible .. .. but after a declaration so beautiful and strong against the nonsense of Mosley ... I had to publish .... and Living the Toyota ...and John Howett . . . .

Tuesday, 21 October 2008

You know .... SALVADOR in Brazil because the Williams F1 was there ...

Salvador is one of the most beautiful cities in Brazil ...... is the Formula 1 stirring Brazil ...
It is the view of Petrobras in the streets of Salvador, yesterday. He had truck, motorcycle, Stock and a lot of other things, but it is clear that the high point was to see a Williams F-1 accelerating in Bahia. In the photo, the Fund, the New Source. The information is that 60 thousand people were seeing the play closely.

Canadians go to London to save test

The organization of the GP of Canada did not give in easily overcome. Caught by surprise by the announcement of the cancellation of proof, done in a statement the FIA - and, before that, in the provisional calendar for 2009 - the representatives of the government of Montreal and within the same country will have a meeting with Bernie Ecclestone this Thursday fair (23) to try to reverse the table.

Lionel I think the talent of Bernie Ecclestone will solve administrative and easy GP Canada is going back to 2009

"Most of Hamilton are amazing," speaks Schumi

War mup
Michael Schumacher has not failed to praise Lewis Hamilton after the victory of English in the GP of China. This Monday (20), the heptcampeão said the young McLaren driver has to be proud of in his short career in F-1.
"I got into high account," said Schumi to the British broadcaster BBC, "because their achievements in such a short time, are amazing. He competed last year against Fernando Alonso within the team and was several times faster. That speech by itself, "he emphasized
But the German made a point of emphasizing that Hamilton still can not believe the best pilot category. "Whenever I get a foot ago when this question, or if he is faster than Felipe Massa. We must look at all the circumstances, and they are not so clear for those who are outside," he explained.

If the McLaren I had a little more support ..... ..... I hear Hamilton would be champion 7 times fast that is what has to perceguir .... but there are secrets of marketing and general administration that I know .... and is missing for the team .... hopefully this win ... then we will miss 6 ..... twist after all this is the most climate ddo all sports ... you have to fight possible contender to beat the previous record ... it depends on help me 100% Lionel

Hamilton and McLarenMercedes towards the title.

In an interview with English newspaper "Daily Star", Geller, 61 years, said being a fan of Lewis.
"Lewis is a great person. I talked to him about being positive and have self-confidence. He said he needed to see what he wanted to do. If you go to somewhere with the mind, you can go after with the body," said the paranormal . "All I can say is that I met with him and discuss the power of the mind."
"I told him that dreams can become reality, because if he wins, everything will be a reward of the work," continued Geller, who confessed: "Over the past forty years, many athletes, including footballers and tennis players, I was asked to help positive messages. "
I also have some methods to make sure everything 100% (Project Rondon ...) and do everything honeto with calm and competence ... that Hamilton has plenty of competition ..... ... and to thank God ! ! !

Now what I think is ridiculous questions nerds of some reporters from around the world ... ....... and is more proof that Hamilton is an excellent pilot and McLaren an excellent team and if God help ..... and the two work 100% the title will be won ....

Saturday, 18 October 2008

Viva ..... finally a voice of reason and consistency in Formula 1 DAVID Coulthard wants commissioners standing at the races

Scottish veteran criticizes punishment to Bourdais in the GP of Japan
The controversial GP in Japan, which was marked by various punishments for pilots, still pays the scenes of Formula 1. Who decided to rule was David Coulthard, the oldest driver in activity. For the Scot's Red Bull, the sports commissioners should be the same in all stages of the championship - today, the judge responsible for the incidents of race changing by the evidence.
According Coulthard, a sample test was done the wrong punishment to Sebastien Bourdais in an incident with Felipe Massa. Never heard of a rule requiring the driver to yield when exiting the passage of the boxes. We must go in a way that no unnecessary shock, but we are competing. For me, the best way is to always keep the same people event by event - opined David, In Fuji, there were two other incidents that have caused controversy. At the start, Lewis Hamilton forced the overtaking Kimi Raikkonen on others and forced the pilots to divert not hitting, which had a punishment to English. Then, Hamilton was the victim of a collision with Felipe Massa, who was punished by the commissioners.

And the requirement that we have done here warn that everything is wrong in the FIA these commissioners have to appear for people to see their faces and names and who voted for whom and where possible Commissioners Fixed like David spoke there ... maybe the teams and drivers would have more Sanches to make a championship honest and without errors ! ! ! Lionel de Campos Jorge

Thursday, 16 October 2008

And the hope remains for Canada GP return

Multiply the efforts to rescue the race, with the Mayor of Montreal, Gérald Tremblay, the minister of economic development for the provinces, Raymond Bachand, and the federal minister responsible for Montreal, Michael Fortier, to have a meeting scheduled with Bernie Ecclestone, this week to discuss a solution.
Tremblay said the site Pitpass that "there are still many opportunities for negotiation to explore," adding that "we are aware that there is a difference between the contractual Grand Prix du Canada and sr. Ecclestone, somewhere between 10 and 20 million dollars" . Referring still going to try "to understand the economic side, legal and administrative before taking a decision financially responsible," Tremblay said it will be done "everything we can to save the GP."
Meanwhile, Paul Wilson, vice president of marketing for Grand Prix of Canada, the CBC News clarified that the amount is put in 30 million, and that to achieve the desired profit to meet the demands of Bernie Ecclestone, the price of tickets would have to be doubled in 2009.
MY OPINION: Everything that is the Formula 1 TODAY to the Bernie Ecclestone .. . . I'm sure he will do everything we can. . . . I wanted to because we will then be THE BEST FOR FORMULA 1 - Lionel de Campos Jorge

Wednesday, 15 October 2008

Brazil Grand Prix - RENAULT walk the streets of Sao Paulo

Our dear Nelson Angelo Piquet will walk in his Formula 1 on the streets of Ibirapuera Park in Sao Paulo . . .
Congratulations to Flavio Briatore and the Renault team's all for this sensational event in Brazil