Tuesday, 21 April 2009

The McLaren, the voice of Martin Whitmarsh, has shown good sense and inclination to play clean, saying it opposes the proposal.
"Clearly, there was much support for this team to Brawn and Mercedes during pre-season, because we saw the importance of keeping it in F-1. Now, it would be hypocritical not to give a proportion of money to them just because they are competitive. We said the money would Brawn. We should do what we said we would do. "

According to the agency SID, 70% of staff agreed, during the pre-season, the € 30 million reserved for the Honda should be passed to Brawn.

However, now, if Flavio gain success in their movement within the Fota, the money does not come at the hands of the leader of the championship, for certain times absorb its share of cookie and promote the work on the new broadcasters.

Congratulation to Martin ... is that like the VodafoneMcLarenMercedes always doing the right and speaking out ... .. all our strength to be humble Martin showed that when asked ... calm resignation is only doing the right thing that's all right our support will always have a hug Lionel de Campos Jorge