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Journalists more famous of the world into the Brazil critically the FIA telling what else once esta mistaken & punish Hamilton mistaken about to the 10 positions into the GP from France ? ! ? ! SHAME WORLDWIDE like I said WHO DO YOU UNDERSTAND OF formula 1 ON THE MAIS OF 30 YEARS Like me & THOSE RESPECTED GENTLEMEN WE SPEAK THE FIA ESTA MISTAKING UGLY OR STEALING Ugly........ Again insistent the VodaFoneMcLarenMercedes you should request cancellation on the any tribunal superior......... and all they speak because no they did the same thing with Kimi em Monaco ? ? ? ? ?

Bernie is the MEN . ......GP1

Who do you understand of Formula 1 on the 35 years like me , by supporting 100% Bernie at every his decisions Bernie isn't egoista Bernie she joins the entrepreneurs the annoyed Mosley only I sample altercation among the times .Bernie has gained money. ......but he places a lot of money on Formula 1 Mosley never as a penny all what the Formula 1 is today owes the intelligent of Bernie


(1938-2008 ) CONGRATUTALIONS OVE ANDERSON put all what did... cortesia : Continental Circus
The team VodaFoneMcLarenMercedes she claimed from one side to the other Martin & I Lionel has agreed to with all because esta a good deal mistaken em punish Hamilton into the GP from France ! ? ! ? ! Because no punish Kimi em Monaco ? ? ? In the end box is track drum........ Michael ( Shumi )has gained race on the box....... they remember ? Is that all track feather that doesn't I know speak inglês fluently I eat Portuguese & I depend from translation of the Google what ago all mistaken if he might have a translator good he should be mais thousand arguments to plead Hamilton & sample what esta mistaken em punish Hamilton..... I have certainty what she'd profit on any tribulation honest. .....if any quizer may I list at least a 10 items what acquit Hamilton a 10 items what they sample what Hamilton no had blame........& NO COULD BE PUNISH NEVERRRR .........