Friday, 4 April 2008

Palm Jumeirah and the Burjal Arab,

Emirates Towers,U.P.Tower

Hamilton no proper request excuses.

Hamilton esta with face apreencivo. he may have aplomb You don't need to sample she swims about to nobody all world know that You are good & mistake is human. ... . .
Can you têr was. a wind. what she put she sands at that round. may be blemish of the car. in the end but do not have TC......... Maybe if I got explain meu I screen of engineering what ago the carriage of Formula 1 flat quicker. she'd help. .. . . .
The super boys ( mechanics ) they go têr a good deal I work. But the one to I wish I speak. is what Hamilton no proper act a part the inch. no proper profit the running. can you here em 2 or 3 or 4. the important is mark dots. tem track what whatever the mechanics working... no he gives to do the inch. and you cannot if risk as many. just as well what that's a exelente track & tem a big area of escape. good luck in the all