Sunday, 2 September 2012

SAO PAULO (let's vote!) - Just to reinforce, the FIA ​​announced Maldonado to double punishment for having dropped 5 positions before and another 5 positions for having Marrusia leaning against the car (look at how much money this perdendendo Frank Williams if he had not sent Barrichello though ... surely would have won several races and be in first place easily and just now the suspension Grosjean for a race. now he does not dispute the Italian Grand Prix, next Sunday.


Jérôme D'Ambrosio, who was the Virgin, is officially the third driver of Lotus. Do not even know if he knows the address of the team. Not know if it fits in the cockpit. You can not have that black jumpsuit. Will they put it to run?
I think so, but anyway, it's a great time to speculate ... and several journalists in Brazil and around the world have launched this search:

Who would you put in the car? Heidfeld? Petrov? Bottas? Bianchi? Rubens Barrichello Why not?
What will 3 months was indicated by 100 % of the fanatical fans FERRARI to return in 2013 FERRARI in itself, is no doubt an excellent pilot with qualities that others do not have

1) It is very fast

2) Do not spoil the car

3) Do you know the car hit

4) low wages

5) has sponsors

6) super experienced

7) surely goes to the podium earning millions of dollars to hire staff that

8) 99.9% of pilots and mechanics and team leaders like Barrichello

9) In addition to all these advantages would be a "HUGE MARKETING TEAM"
For these and many other reasons


by  Lionel de Campos Jorge