Monday, 27 October 2008

FIA the Max Mosley announces rules ABSURDAS

Same for ALL MOTOR ! ! !
Same engine oil, grease equal, equal fluids ALL ! ! !
There are hundreds or thousands of parts and suppliers for each team Max wants all these sponsors World lose their jobs ABSURDO ! ! !
Imagine how these meetings are difficult to discuss these absurd rules of Max Mosley .... just see the words of Ron Dennis ..........Do you think it's easy to lead a team ...... each team takes years and years to develop a winning car ..... here comes the Max Mosley and want to end it all Absurd, ridiculous, PINGO NOT HAVE ONE OF LOGIC ... It would be a LOSS WORLD OF BILLIONS . or TRILLIONS ........... not to mention the huge delay in the development of cars .

Felipe Massa X Lewis Hamilton

Felipe Massa when he was asked this Sunday in a program of Rede Globo that has 100% audience ... if you wanted the car for Hamilton Massa break ...... He replied: I learned that you should not wish for anything bad to the other ... it all back to us .... even at Massa twice .... Congratulations ... I live here talking about it is the Truth

As for Lewis Hamilton and McLaren team can stay quiet because they did everything right all year round and for sure will win this prize is for those who work hard and right ... God help and nobody can hinder

Congratulation to the British Consulate

I would like to thank immensely the British Consulate in São Paulo, which 40 years ago when the prestige with the greatest care and courtesy.