Friday, 2 December 2016


I give LUCK and when Alonso was in São Paulo, I tried several times to talk to him .. but he did not .. I felt that it was going to happen A GOOD THING FOR ALONSO and I wanted to say that to him .. I wanted him to sign my cap from when he was champion And the shirt I have when I was a Champion for the Renault .. but I could not .. I give LORRY IT WAS THAT IT WAS TO HAPPEN. All of us who like racing and Formula 1 want Alonso in Mercedes, to improve Formula 1 the audience is very annoying and certainly the dispute between 2 excellent drivers like Hamilton and Alonso will be great but without a hitting in the other or between them. Honest dispute in the Track without fights one compressing the other when he wins Mercedes is an honest Team and already showed this .does 2 cars alike .. and for that to happen Bernie Eclestone has to help Bernie is the Genius of business does not let anyone fight .. And knows to make the financial agreements without quarrels .. The World wants to see Hamilton and Alonso in the Mercedes in 2017 hug to all 

Journalist Lionel de Campos Jorge