Wednesday, 29 October 2008

Mayor of Montreal (where the stage is disputed), Gérald Tremblay, is confident it can convince the manager to continue with the trial. To do so, had a two-hour meeting with Ecclestone, outlining his views on the subject. It was not disclosed the content of the conversation, but Tremblay returned with great hope that the Canadian stage remains in the category.
"We had a better understanding of the problems that were way. We still have much work to be done to evaluate all options, but it is still possible to have a GP in Montreal in 2009 and subsequent years, "said local mayor

I knew Bernie Ecclestone is doing the possible and impossible for the GP of Canada back ...... Eclestone Bernie is the "common sense of Formula 1 has always fought for the category grow ... with no class always fights ... united all teams have a lot of respect and affection by Bernie Eclestone