Tuesday, 19 August 2008

Toyota in GP Valencia

Trulli set for streets of Rotterdam
"It's very exciting to get the chance to show everyone in Rotterdam what Formula 1 is all about," said Trulli. "Driving through the centre of the city will certainly be spectacular to watch and very exciting for me as the driver too. I expect it to be a great show and it will really build the anticipation for the street race in Valencia. I have never driven at this event in Rotterdam before but I won the Monaco Grand Prix a few years ago so I think I can manage!"

Glock still smiling after Hungarian podium
"I'm still smiling after Hungary," Glock said. "That was an incredible result and a fantastic feeling; I hope it will be the first of many podiums in Formula 1. The important thing was that we showed just how competitive we are at the moment and moved further ahead in fourth place in the Constructors' Championship.""There is a great atmosphere in the team and we are all working hard together to move forward, which is why it was so satisfying to get on the podium in Hungary," Glock added. "But Valencia is a new race and we must start again. I did plenty of street races when I was racing in Champ Cars and in that season almost all the tracks were new to me so I have learnt to adapt quickly. It looks like an interesting circuit and it's quite long so it should be a good show. We will have plenty of work to do on Friday to adjust the car to the track but we are in good form at the moment so I am optimistic for this weekend.


It’s Lisa Lilley here (Shell Technology Manager for Ferrari). We’ve arrived here in beautiful Valencia, Spain, for the European Grand Prix. Unlike the Hungaroring three weeks ago, where Formula One has been held since 1986, the new street circuit at Valencia welcomes the teams for the first time.


FIA asked to examine Valencia bridge
By Jonathan Noble
Thursday, August 21st 2008, 18:12 GMT
Formula One tyre supplier Bridgestone has asked the FIA to examine the bridge section of the new Valencia F1 track amid fears that its current configuration could lead to a spate of punctures this weekend, autosport.com has learned.
The new track around the Valencia port runs over a swing bridge - with a small gap in the asphalt where there is a metal expansion joint to prevent any damage from varying temperatures.
Although the gap itself should cause no problem for the F1 cars this weekend, there is some concern, however, with the fact that the two sections of asphalt are at varying levels.
The section on the bridge is higher than the part of the track before it - and the resultant bump, believed to be as high as 15 millimetres in parts - has led Bridgestone to ask the FIA to look into the situation.
Bridgestone is worried that the bump is big enough, especially with the potentially more susceptible super-soft tyre in use this weekend, to risk causing punctures.
Hirohide Hamashima, Bridgestone's director of motorsport tyre development, wrote an email to FIA race director Charlie Whiting on Thursday asking him to look into the matter - and enquire if there was any way of ensuring the two parts of the track are made more level.
"I've written to Charlie to ask him to look into it," Hamashima told autosport.com. "The track is slightly raised (on the bridge), and if a tyre hits it (the lip), it could cause a puncture.
"It is not so bad, but if they can adjust it then we will be happy. Having the track level will be better."
The bridge section of the track appears to be the only part of the circuit that has caused some concern – with the rest of the layout leaving almost all the field excited about this weekend's inaugural even