Tuesday, 14 October 2008

25* International Automobile Trade Show

Industry Vip's Citroen do Brasil

Preparation of Japanese food for VIP guests of the Citroen of Brazil
Gizela Dawidowicz Jorge (daughter) and Teresa Cristina Jorge Dawidowicz (wife) from Lionel Jorge Campos

30 October to 9 November 2008 - Anhembi - Sao Paulo - Brasil

You who come to Sao Paulo to visit the HALL OF CAR, that this opportunity to learn about other tourist attractions that the biggest city in South America offer? For this, the organization of the Hall established a partnership with SP Turis, to offer tips on the best tour in São Paulo.

Remember also that during the EXHIBIT, on November 2, is the largest automotive event in the world: the Brazil Grand Prix Formula 1, the Interlagos race track. And by the Program Welcome, visitors and exhibitors of the fair Reed Exhibitions Alcantara Machado have exclusive offers of lodging, airfares and services with much convenience and economy. See!
Sao Paulo is a cultural center and leading Brazilian, characterized by its urban tourism, with more than 70 museums, thousands of restaurants that bring the food from over 50 countries, about 50 parks, 42 thematic streets of specialised trade. It is worth knowing