Wednesday, 31 December 2014

MICHAEL SHUMACHER ja recognize family best news of the year


Schumacher does not speak, but communicates through the eyes and cries when he hears the voice of his wife or children.
Michael Schumacher. According to information from the Italian magazine 'Autosprint', German, about to turn 46 years of life, not yet recovered speech after been skiing accident on December 29, 2013, but at least not spend all your time in a bed and cries while listening to the voice of the family.

The magazine report, which says it has determined and verified reports as objectively as possible, treated as "good news" the fact that Schumacher "Live not tied to his bed."

To go through physical therapy, the pilot is placed in a chair facing a window in the house you live in, in Gland, Switzerland - it's there since September, when he left rehab for which it was taken after leaving the Centre University Hospital of Grenoble in the French Alps.

For now, Schumacher does not speak. He can communicate through eye movements, for "the facial muscles are almost immobile and unable to show emotions and conduct independent movements" BUT WILL BETTER EVERY DAY ..

"Michael cries when he hears the voice of the children or wife Corinna. It is a demonstration that he has emotions. It is EXCELLENT NEWS, is the way his strong character has to express a feeling. The sign that he is alive, RECONHGECE THINK PEOPLE FAMILY THAT'S EXCELLENT ... even though a prisoner of the body immobilized for as long as the treatment is over takes months or years but Shumi will improve a lot is still my God and Fans his Son Jesus helps everyone 
Lionel de Campos  Jorge .Schumacher has two children, Gina-Maria and Mick.