Tuesday, 28 April 2015


PEQUENOSHUMIO olhar é triste, falta um sorriso. Mas registre-se, aqui, a primeira vitória do jovem Mick Schumacher em corrida de carros, no fim de semana pela F-4 Alemã em Oschersleben.
Despite the lack of the small smile Mick Schumacher aged 16 and of course all We would like to see the Father Michael Schumacher here celebrating the first victory of the Son ...
But one thing I can say with almost 100% sure this Father Michael 100% conscious that his Son WON his first race and should have run some tears and serves as insentivo to continue the daily treatment and then here a few months or a few years watching a race the live Son ... being that the TV should watch for sure
HUGS TO OUR MICHAEL SCHUMACHER ALWAYS ... ALWAYS WILL BE FOLLOWING and calling on God and his Son Jesus their improvements

ABS Lionel Campos Jorge