Sunday, 3 May 2009

FIA's new rules for 2010

I think the staff a bit exaggerated with the sponsors VodafoneMcLarenMercedes leaving irritated as the Mercedes, had already given the punishment of losing the 5 points of the race was good that punishment need not extend the Mclaren is strong after all these 5 points and can no the end of the year ... then had already been a huge gastigo not to mention that the error was also the delegates of the track ..
as the new rules for 2010 are many ... and will take a lot of work to the very FIA CARE OF ALL THESE RULES ...! ! !
It has a great part of Max Mosley wants to give more chance to enter teams and supports with money, tests, wings, etc. Congratulation Max Mosley -
Now I think you should leave ALL FREE for the good of the sport, the Formula 1 category
Free for all suppliers of petrol
Free to all kinds of electronics technology as both aerodynamic
Free to potential engine
Free exchange of tires ... I think a retrossesso prevent heating of tires ..
More dialogue more understanding between the parties to FOM and FIA and FOTA
You can even prohibit tests to track richest teams .. but not prohibit the use of wind tunnel ..
This is ... more sponsors evolution of technology ... more suppliers of all possible materials and imaginaries