Friday, 5 December 2008

I have a large experience in Formula 1 40 years and Marketing and generally have a very good vision of things that happen and for a President or Director of Multinational is very difficult to have the vision that I have a President that has a lot to do and or do not have time to think ... He may ask a search ... but it is very hard to do a search with people with experience and marketing of more than 30 years ... so many teams listen to what I talk ....
TAKEO FUKUI - President

Lionel Jorge Campos I'm not in the HONDA ... if you know who paid nothing wrong wrong a lot of money that shareholders should know who was and never stop the team from Formula 1 to economy "yes" and has a long list to cut spending from US $ 400 million to US$ 150 million and continue in Formula 1 now who's wrong .... who needs to be sent away ...
Nick Fry - Chief Executive Officce HONDA Rancing F1 Team
Ross Brawn - Team Principal HONDA Racing F1 Team
Hiroshi Abe - President HONDA Racing Development, LTD
Jôrg Zander - Deputy Technical Director
Jacky Eeckelaert - Director of Advanced Research
Ron Mea Dows - Sporting Director
Loic Bigois - Head of Aerodynamics
Steve Clark - Head of Race & Test Engineering
Craig Wilson - Chief Engineer Vehicle
Jock Clear - Senior Race Engineer to Rubens Barrichello
Andrew Shovlin - Senior Race Engineer to Jenson Button
Second because my calculations in the coming years by HONDA leave the Formula 1 will have a prejudice that surpasses $ 500 billion ..... imagine a stand of the Automotive Hall of HONDA without the beautiful F1 car will be very .... unsightly .... and Honda will have to spend more money on marketing to sell cars and not enough economy to sack staff directors useless by a car in each of F1 Indoors and spend only $ 150 million ...
Now if the team spent in vain with high wages useless the President Takeo Fukui MONEY DID Release your SO He is also CULPA .... This is THINKING TO SHAREHOLDERS because the current adiministração showed that the world was just a huge event .. .. meaning we do not economy ... we will continue spending and close the Formula 1 team NEVER called fans PEOPLE TO BUY YOUR CAR .... I am proof of the case ... little more than 5 years I try to make the board see my project that makes the car go faster F1 .... First said at the time with Gil de Ferran NOTHING ... HONDA team's nobody I tried those 5 years with this site that is always disclosing NEVER been enteressados to develop the car think that only spend money for nothing in vain

It's only the board of shareholders of HONDA see who really needs to be sent away and subistituido lower the budget to $ 150 million to hire this man to Gerhard Berger and Berger lead the team to hire Barrichello hit the car and Senna wants better marketing that ... ... this would HONDA WIN CORRIDAS you would bill a lot in marketing and sales worldwide enormous prejuisos or if you stop ....