Tuesday, 16 June 2009


London Night here the huge Ferris wheel that I wanted to go also -

This is famous red bus, 2 floors that I would also like to walk

The Circus was also the scene of one of the famous movie scenes 007


This is the most famous clock Big Ben in the world without doubt that I would like to see live
Look at that beautiful picture and the Parliament Big Ben

Museum of the Beatles

This is the Abbey Road zebra that became famous because it was an album cover of the Beatles and everyone who will walk in London and take a picture going around ... I also want

Ah! ! ! This is the famous Abbey Road Studios where the Beatles recorded those wonderful songs that are famous today


This is home of the famous Madame Tussauds that the world knows by wax statues of famous personalities in the world

This is also the famous Wembley Stadium for football, after all were the English who invented the football

National Gallery

Here the Bristish Museum that would like to see the important parts super stores

Rosetta stone considered as the most important finding for all mankind and serves to numerous studies, each day is because many important things -

The famous exchange of the Royal Guard

The English Parliament where important measures are super important for England and the world ! ! !

I would also like to know the live Buchingham Palace

This is the famous Tower Bridge which I would like to see live

Welcome to the Inside Track

Hello Lionel
Your Account

Great Britain - Silverstone Race Briefing

Shell and Ferrari in the glamor of the world

Important and famous people such as the Technical Selection of English when trying to Ferrari this is the glamor of the big teams -

Mario Thissen Director of the famous BMW Sauber is one of the teams we disclose Fota strong

Martin that driving a wonderful VodafoneMcLarenMercedes also love that it is logical to FOTA and always with good mood because I know that Lionel and the world love to McLaren

Ross Brawn said the FIA and forget to start in coming weeks to begin the administration of the new category of FOTA and no doubt this man He is super fast and competent enough to see what time with the team that bought Ross Brawn knows everything .. Congratulation to Formula 1 Lionel de Campos Jorge

Jody Checkter important champion of the world has already spoken several times that it is in favor of Fota

Sir Jackie Stewart said authoritarian tyranny that always has an end as the mandate of Mosley -

Kimi and Shumacher said that in his time the rules of Mosley atrapalhava much longer and Formula 1 has always been the best car the best pilot the best technology and for this province needs money and freedom to create the teams is what made the famous Formula 1 and loved the world ..
Damon Hill is also in favor of FOTA

So is the Formula 1, Max EMPTY in the coming year that the stars and all the Ferrari vidabandida Fota be in the new category if the FIA did not agree to all demands of Fota said U.S. ALL ... and even then may not return

It is Mr Max Mosley the power they abused other than it will be more or if you would ... the FOTA will follow his life and winning here is a criticism to my men that make up the framework of the FIA that he left go so far ... now want a vote to get it You think this is not too late to ISSO .... should have seen the rules absurd is time ...

Lionel de Campos Jorge