Saturday, 14 March 2009

The world is betting on that race for first and second

Look at the time of Barrichello FANTASTIC ! ! !

Ferrari's staff saying: If you go this time to Melbourne for a ride in us all ...

Barrichello, I am in love with this car.

I always bet on Lionel de Campos Jorge....Barrichello .... the evidence of this in previous reports lived ... speaking ... is the best Formula 1 pilot's calm, quick, not destroys car, honest and outside of tracks, not just imagined that God, from this place in addition to this Brawun GP, then this fantastic car, with engine MERCEDES.NOW the world believes to be champions of 2009.

How I had anticipated .... ..... and still no one believed that Ross Brawun and decided to agree with me ... and the Americans Peter Windsor of Anderson and USF1 the rest were all against it so far .... great result Ross Brawun congratulations, congratulations Barrichello ..


Congratulation for this excellent Mercedes engine equipping the Brawn GP 2009 seje maybe the second year of the Mercedes Champion of the world in 2008 with Mclaren in 2009 and perhaps with Brawn GP My Opinion : Lionel de Campos Jorge