Thursday, 8 May 2008

GP Instambul

I don't know if Adrivo goes let I post this beauty photo........ but I had what put :....: she looks I eat Ron Dennis is optimal........ certainly is largest elegant the one to if she wears best from Formula 1.

Regarding GP Spain I should like of speaking what the fault was not of Hamilton nem of the Motor Mercedes..... the shenanigans is at the stability of the car. .....sees - if what Hamilton he gave the maximum frying the tires various turns on the bends put lack of stability ....IF The staff ATTAIN HIT The carriage??? .... HAMILTON She profits. .....but if not hit. Hamilton cannot act a part the impossivel. .....already he will be doing a good deal marking dots........ that is the vision of whom do you understand of stability , projects of aerodinamica,motor & tires. I no I speak absurdity. Good Luck....

Lisa here. (Lisa Lilley, Shell Technology Manager for Ferrari). We are in Istanbul for the first anti-clockwise race of the season: the Turkish Grand Prix. The race is taking place three months earlier than usual so temperatures are much cooler than what we’re used to here.
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