Tuesday, 28 October 2008

Lewis Hamilton arrived VIVA ! ! !

How are you approaching this final, crucial weekend of the year?"Fundamentally the same way I've approached the previous races. Obviously, my aim for Brazil is slightly different from the other grands prix: I don't need to win the race, but that won't stop me from going into the weekend looking to be as strong as possible. Shanghai was a good example of that: we hit the ground running on Friday morning and never looked back. Our aim wasn't to push too hard, but we found ourselves in a position at the front and took it comfortably from there. That's what I am hoping to achieve in Brazil - a straightforward weekend that allows me to just focus on my car and my driving . ( VodafoneMcLarenMercedes team kindly sent us )
It was this Tuesday 28 which landed at Hamilton International Airport of Guarulhos, and it is with great satisfaction that we have Hamilton stepping on land Brazilian . . .
We follow that Hamilton during an entire year through the world we are proud to get to Sao Paulo Hamilton to dispute the Brazilian GP Lionel wish I have great pleasure in receiving all members of Team VodafoneMcLarenMercedes
We hope that our friends reporters Fassa not stupid questions
If I were Hamilton would say: I am a runner and I and my team came to run .... if they leave the delegates .... commissioners and some pilots ... We ... I and the team will do an excellent race to win the championship of 2008 ... and it's just ....
Now for nerds questions ... I do not respond and say NEXT QUESTION ........
Yeah that smile we hope that this last GP Hamilton feel that before during and after the GP Hamilton smiles as well as relaxation is well without any pressure
Welcome Ron Dennis is always a pleasure when you arrive in Sao Paulo and are always very kind to me and my children thank you and Good Luck
Hamilton always very polite and gentle with my daughter Gizela Dawidowicz Jorge (this was the last year) and below with my other son Marcus Vinicius Dawidowicz Jorge always rooting for McLaren and since last year for Lewis Hamilton
Well twisted to McLaren for more than 20 years ... here is my wife Teresa Cristina Jorge Dawidowicz with my 3 children Gizela, Marcus Vinicius and Luis Gustavo picture story that is the real proof that we like to Formula 1
After years later in Paddok Gizela in 1992, Marcus Vinicius and Luiz Gustavo Lionel and I but always with McLaren and then with Airton Senna
After a few years ago in Paddok Marcus Vinicius Dawidowicz Jorge .... always admiring the McLaren ... that it is faithful fans and the entire family ... porisso `WELCOME TO ALL OF TEAM Vodafone McLaren Mercedes in Brazil

In the days remaining up to the decision of the World 2008, Michael Schumacher told the BBC today that Lewis Hamilton has the ability to beat his record of world title. And if happen ... does not care about that.