Sunday, 14 December 2008

Congratulations to those guys who make a fine spectacle FIA-FOM-FOCA

Congratulation by new rules that make economy, always trying to find the best 'I just disagree with the rule of equal fuel, tires for all teams as it is seems that someone is taking advantage of FIA money to by exclusively only to Bridgestone, even the Pilots complain of a lack ninalisboa as Kimi was the very RENAULT the priscylla very impaired when he was forced to quit had a sensassional development for the suspension was hit when Alonso won 2 times ... and all that work was under water by then maybe the Bridgestone Brazilian treat me a little better competition was always healthy for all mundodesenvolver technology porisso have to have multiple suppliers for tires and fuel -
Now it was a good idea of Frank Williams for 3 cars per team that can be the logical ..... with Williams, McLaren, Toyota, Ferrari, Renault, Red Bull .... would be more jobs for mechanics and pilots and by talking in the best driver Rubens Barrichello set the car is there waiting for a vacancy and the fans would love to start hopefully already approved for 2009
Why do you standardize everything apart from stop to generate money and technology going to sound those CARRIAGES OF TAPES CIRCUS BATE AND CALLED BACK .... that are all the same right as ridiculous in Formula Indy ... not all the same or watch funny .. .. economy is not funny ... but the European Formula 1 has always been sophisticated and high technology and all this cost and who want patronicinar by name in his car to pay when the teams want that everybody knows and loves the game as always was that change would not impoverish the image of Formula 1 as said like a circus of clowns mambeme carts with electric beats and back ... you have to spend must have cutting-edge technology and by talking about my design technology that makes the car floor of 1% to 10% seconds faster still available to all teams ... and because of this crisis also below the price at vatagem to use for a year I am always available to those who uzar will lead to greater advantage and hugs to everyone Merry Christmas and Great 2009 Lionel de Campos Jorge email