Tuesday, 12 May 2009

It is logical that Ferrari can not get out of Formula 1 ! ! ! !

FERRARI team the most traditional of the world ! ! ! ! ! !
Nobody in the world to doubt the competence of Luca Cordeiro Di Montezemolo in managing the Ferrari

How can not leave McLaren, Red Bull, Renault, Toro Rosso, BMW, Indian Force, Williams, Toyota and no

100% support any decision of FOTA‏

I love John Howett in particular, he talks tough ... ... ... all the time doing a great job at Toyota, and like any great director of the largest carmaker in the world ... does not like to play ...

And this all getting great results ... the cost of very serious work .... work very seriously ...

There is only one person who can calm all teams ... and it serves as a bridge between the FIA and Fota .... have always fought for and built the great Formula 1 it is today .. that person is Bernie Eclestone .. -
Now about the Max Mosley ...... He has 50% of good ideas and 50% of bad ideas .... and the problem is that rarely wants to talk with heads of teams and sponsors ... -

Wants to impose its ideas ... at all ... Marra without dialogue between the parties ... and that does not work anywhere in the world .....

I will try to launch an idea that may give certain and that is good for both teams as to the FIA and Max Mosley. This election year is sure Max Mosley will be a candidate.

Instead of the President is elected for 4 years .... decreases for 1 year .... that is if the teams like the projects of the President of the FIA ... then again elect another year ... if you do not like leaves. .. This is the only sure means to continue to Formula 1 and not to rely on the Max Mosley 4 more years with 50% of good ideas and 50% of bad ideas and not wanting to talk ... and not advance again brings and say that I agree with everything the eqipes therefore advise to never sign the Treaty of Concordia .. well only because there will be a balance between the parties ... after all the teams and sponsors are 90% of the show .... the FIA would that appear 10% but the way that the FIA is showing 90% and the teams and sponsors 10% of ... .. well not -
Lionel de Campos Jorge