Saturday, 3 May 2008

Norbert Haug Mercedes....UNHAPPY DECLARATION

Norbert Haug , we have recognized what the Ferrari is favoritism for the next GP from Turkey , into the next end of week , second the site " THE squire Italian she won this circuit on the two last years , the one to sum the bad moment from the pilots from McLaren , she becomes the Ferrari shop favoritism , the one to about to Haug that's a " big I dare ". Haug no she demonstrates silly trust em she sweats staff to succeed the victory , but at least waits for difficulty the work from Ferrari shop. He ensures what em Barcelona , already was possible sense a few evolution. THE directing believes what is the wink of I'll be ending the typos on staff and that if made good use of the potential of the car. Lamentably , no got all of the dots possible nem em Melbourne , Malaysia , Bahrain or Barcelona , due principally aos errors committed & esta is the wherefore from distance from point from classification. Our objective is continue improving on the next races MINHA Opinion : UNHAPPY DECLARATION ..Por what we know what Hamilton is optimal. .....if HE she finds that doesn't he will be well........ because the fault is of the car....... & even if fôr the fault of the car I find that doesn't should speak & yes if unite to mark Dots...... I eat has said unhappy declaration.