Wednesday, 18 June 2008

For staff VodaFoneMcLarenMercedes because of of the Big I mistake from FIA em punish em 10 positions....... she begins half sad....... but the I would like say for whom is fond of Formula 1...... it doesn't matter what breadth there tráz...... I know as was I mistake from FIA ,,,,,, I know what Lewis Hamilton that's a exelente Pilot ,,,,,,,, I know what the team VodaFoneMercedes is the favoritism to earn the championship.,,,,,,, the remaining as the another they wonder it doesn't matter....... Good I train & good race on the all from staff VodaFoneMercedes I go cheer about to Hamilton mark a dots

Hamilton proper 100% of total support from time

The same midea what eulogize when Hamilton she profits....... ataca when she loses ( Bernie Eclestone )....... even knowing what mistake is human when she slammed behind of Kimi........ but free 10 positions that is I mistake from FIA & the midea no she speaks she swims ridiculo but God it stands to reason . . . . .
IS in those hours that if sees who is friend of truth like me & we have recognized all victories by today isn't a simple I mistake what ago finish all.......... good luck & let's go aos dots from France