Tuesday, 22 April 2008


& the list goes adding........ In the past week :

Rubens Barrichello

Mark Weber

Lionel de Campos Jorge

Stirling Moss

Jody Scheckter &

Jackie Stewart ,

beyond of the notorious adversarial Martin Brundle, already they had demonstrated all she sweats indignation & dissatisfaction.

But is the turn of Jacky Ickx

Niki LaudaReport of experts &

Jack Brabham we will come the public enlarge the chorus what also account with the adhesions of Honda. BMW Toyota , Mercedes , of the ADAC ( the federation German ) & the AAA ( entity maximum from the USA ).

Episode 32 : Max wrong contra Martin Brundle...

" The end & the cable , the News Corporation , of what takes part that newspaper , is em conflict with Mosley due aos processes what este she put contra the Ice cream Sunday Times & Martini Brundle by opinion she expresses for this latter when the McLaren he used to be the be convicted by your papel into the 'Stepneygate'
Absurd Martin Brundle, was elected put us when she ran 1992. the pilot more likeable more educated from Formulate 1. He welcomes on the whoever they might ask autographs & they might ask about to take away photographs with He... after all a gentleman. stay put a good deal annoy when he knew what Max there was prossessado Martin Brundle... being what Brundle.. only she spoke truth ! ! ! !

Max and King from Jordania

KING from Jordania if she refuses on the receive Max I eat there was agreed. ......about to the event of the Rally. authority the Princely......... put what será???
Fonte foto: Continental circus

Mark Webber contra Max

Mark Webber , the machine gun ambulatory from F -1 but she shot contra uncle Max & the sequel of your scandal with the streetwalkers. " no I am interested em comment the attitude of Mosley. The one to me pertains is the reputation of the sport. THE F -1 is the crest of the auto race worldwide. Whoever estão here they fought a good deal about to arrive este baseline & , is fond of or not , we are all models about to the another. By it , it's all the same to me if him decide renounce or if goes wait by voting of the I meet extraordinary. The shenanigans , for me , is what the F -1 cannot have scandals you gave type. Max is em a position a good deal influential , & acquit a paper important. By it , I find what the scene detracts from the work his ".
THE Max Mosley walked really desperate about to take away of the air quaisquer evidence of she sweats " play ". Only what but , the aim is the France.
He is asking what they may be withdrawals all of the videos & photographs of your " banquets particular ", in addition to an compensation for damages ethics into the value of € 25 thousand , approximately R $ 70 thousand.
Good , on Earth from Queen he lost ! ! !
On France only we will know second (/04), day what he will be exiting the response of the tribunal what julga the incident.
Anybody doubt of the result on France???
I only I am confirming the prediction that you do. what Max she wouldn't go go tão easy.. . . . .