Tuesday, 21 October 2008

You know .... SALVADOR in Brazil because the Williams F1 was there ...

Salvador is one of the most beautiful cities in Brazil ...... is the Formula 1 stirring Brazil ...
It is the view of Petrobras in the streets of Salvador, yesterday. He had truck, motorcycle, Stock and a lot of other things, but it is clear that the high point was to see a Williams F-1 accelerating in Bahia. In the photo, the Fund, the New Source. The information is that 60 thousand people were seeing the play closely.

Canadians go to London to save test

The organization of the GP of Canada did not give in easily overcome. Caught by surprise by the announcement of the cancellation of proof, done in a statement the FIA - and, before that, in the provisional calendar for 2009 - the representatives of the government of Montreal and within the same country will have a meeting with Bernie Ecclestone this Thursday fair (23) to try to reverse the table.

Lionel I think the talent of Bernie Ecclestone will solve administrative and easy GP Canada is going back to 2009

"Most of Hamilton are amazing," speaks Schumi

War mup
Michael Schumacher has not failed to praise Lewis Hamilton after the victory of English in the GP of China. This Monday (20), the heptcampeão said the young McLaren driver has to be proud of in his short career in F-1.
"I got into high account," said Schumi to the British broadcaster BBC, "because their achievements in such a short time, are amazing. He competed last year against Fernando Alonso within the team and was several times faster. That speech by itself, "he emphasized
But the German made a point of emphasizing that Hamilton still can not believe the best pilot category. "Whenever I get a foot ago when this question, or if he is faster than Felipe Massa. We must look at all the circumstances, and they are not so clear for those who are outside," he explained.

If the McLaren I had a little more support ..... ..... I hear Hamilton would be champion 7 times fast that is what has to perceguir .... but there are secrets of marketing and general administration that I know .... and is missing for the team .... hopefully this win ... then we will miss 6 ..... twist after all this is the most climate ddo all sports ... you have to fight possible contender to beat the previous record ... it depends on help me 100% Lionel

Hamilton and McLarenMercedes towards the title.

In an interview with English newspaper "Daily Star", Geller, 61 years, said being a fan of Lewis.
"Lewis is a great person. I talked to him about being positive and have self-confidence. He said he needed to see what he wanted to do. If you go to somewhere with the mind, you can go after with the body," said the paranormal . "All I can say is that I met with him and discuss the power of the mind."
"I told him that dreams can become reality, because if he wins, everything will be a reward of the work," continued Geller, who confessed: "Over the past forty years, many athletes, including footballers and tennis players, I was asked to help positive messages. "
I also have some methods to make sure everything 100% (Project Rondon ...) and do everything honeto with calm and competence ... that Hamilton has plenty of competition ..... ... and to thank God ! ! !

Now what I think is ridiculous questions nerds of some reporters from around the world ... ....... and is more proof that Hamilton is an excellent pilot and McLaren an excellent team and if God help ..... and the two work 100% the title will be won ....