Monday, 13 October 2008

The exclusion of Canada Grand Prix is causing revolt World I had anticipated....

The absence of the Canadian GP in calendar 2009 of F-1 is causing more impact than you thought. The fact yielded to an unprecedented attitude of Irish site "Manipe F1." In partnership with Powerlynx Motorsports Management, the site has created an online petition against the removal of the race of the American nation next season.
According to the "Manipe F1," it's time to make some extent so that the voices of fans of the category are heard. Anyone dissatisfied with the decision of the FIA and FOM for not promoting the GP of Canada in 2009 may sign the undersigned .
My opinion: Bernie Ecclestone, did everything that Formula 1 is today ... We owe much to him, and err is human, just think should have communicated to the world an example ...... this country paying "X "Canada and is unable or unwilling to pay ... then the world would understand .... but take anything without talking to himself Canada! ! ! It seems that missed it ... but ... we will wait for concert ... Lionel de Campos Jorge