Thursday, 26 June 2008

British Museum facade
Rosetta Stone. . . . the piece archeological more important of the world
Buchingham Palace
Salon Trono
Queen Elizabeth II **** Person beloved & respected into the world all , I have 50 years ,desde of little I had 7 years I remember from my Mother eulogize the Queen Elizabeth II, I grew admirando the English
Big Ben . . . . .the watch more necessary & famous of the world

She spoke em best wuiski of the world you she remembers of the English

& the best & more sold into the world Johnnie Walker after 1820

Abbey Road Studios The Beatles
Abbey Road Zebra street more famed of the world immortalize by cover of the disk from the The Beatles woman

Madame Tussaurs
Globe Theatre London
Wembley Stadium

City hall London

The one to become of of interesting this week

Germany she won the Turkey , I don't care for soccer but I began the cheer about to Germany profit when she played with Portugal , I don't care for of the Felipe Scolari , because no as the ROMARIO ( largest player of the world on epoch ) on last Cup for obstinacy , boy , foolishness , I find HE a deceiving. groan I twisted about to Germany & has gained & I go cheer but also the ending. ....Germany female champion from Eurocopa. I give luck for whom I twist.
Hamilton always a good deal elegant was give prestige to the referring to a birthday of Nelson Mandela into the Hyde Park

& as always did a exelent I train with the exelent car what the team VodafoneMcLarenMercedes soups up. .....only I hope what into the day of the I train Saturday & Sunday the inspectors from FIA , no appears with rules punishments injustas I eat into the Canadian & France.