Tuesday, 25 August 2009

Brawn likely to keep same drivers in 2010

Brawn boss Ross Brawn has suggested the Brackley based team will likely field an unchanged driver lineup in 2010.
Currently, the Mercedes powered cars are piloted by championship leader Jenson Button, and the Brazilian veteran Rubens Barrichello, who at the age of 37 won his first race of the season at Valencia last weekend.
"There is no good reasons not to keep them," Briton Brawn is quoted as saying by the Swiss publication Motorsport Aktuell.
"They are both doing a very good job and I think after Spa we will look at it more closely. Until now we have had other things to take care of," he added.
Some commentators have suggested that at 37 and with more grands prix under his belt than any other driver in F1's history, Barrichello's best days may be behind him.
Team chief executive Nick Fry commented: "You always have to look towards the future, but if we go into next year with Jenson and Rubens, we will surely be very successful."
Fry said Brawn GP do not need to rush into a decision, but said the future plans of Fernando Alonso will have no bearing on the outcome.
"We have a great team, a great car, an excellent team boss who has won many championships and we are in a good position to become champions this year.
"We are not waiting to see what happens with Alonso. We will make a decision at the right time but at the moment it is not a priority," added Fry.

My Opinion: I've always said that Barrichello was the best choice for Brawn (Buton also said at the time ...) and keep talking Barrichelo is experienced, educated, happy, humor, (not that you being bald ... rsrsr) and super fast. I have always maintained the permanence of Barrichello and I think 2010 will be the champion Brawn with Barrichello, Alonso is very good but does miracle if Massa did Alonso will not do .. 2010 will still be the turn of Brawn with this great car . Fry is very intelligent and we said great cars and great drivers NOT TIME TO THINK ABOUT CHANGE FOR THE TIME WHEN WE WILL DO. and once again I would like to Brawn for raising the flag of Brazil on its site was very nice and Brazil appeal to all .. oh and do not forget that my project makes the car go faster is available for Brawn hugs
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