Friday, 12 December 2008

Thanks to all the team of VodafoneMcLarenMercedes I Lionel Jorge Campos also since all desire to Ron Dennis and Lewis Hamilton until the job easier or the girl who serves coffee ... or are all important in that desire a great team Merry Christmas and all the excellent 2009 full of vibrant races and wins .....

Premio super important that we have full sponsorship from big Mercedes Bens -

And I eligibility one of the world's most beautiful couples congrtulations the two

Congratulations for the brilliant idea this would be my desire because after seeing everything in the world the only thing I really like to do is this trip and Hamilton chose super smart ... I want to go along immensely maybe a day I'm going congratulation by the brilliant very idea seize and then to show the photos and footage We impressos and this beautiful journey of Lionel Jorge Campos