Saturday, 27 December 2008

Carlos Slim did not make the same mistakes of HONDA

Happy news .... it seems that calli Slim would have bought the Honda incompetence ... this is a great news ... but still .... Asher confirmed the bad side is that it would have been with Jeson buton and Senna ... ... and making the biggest mistake not to get Rubens Barrichello
It is logical that Barrichello buton which is much better and much better than Senna main .... now that the cars are very unstable .... and need to set an experienced pilot and knows that only three of the car is set Barrichello .. ..
Another defect maintain Berg Mr Nichi Fry ....... oh this is just .... hire Ross Braun still can not stay with this absurd salary ... that would reduce not worth it ... If not Carlos Slim do so will continue to spend 400 million for nothing without results .. as it was in the wrong time of HONDA Super administration by Niki Fray with the proper administration of Berg ... and maybe Barrichello and Senna was very IRIA A TEAM ONLY WITH FRUITS AND 150 million per year would give VERY MUCH BUT PROFITS .... and I'm Lionel de Campos Jorge offering 100% of my administration and provide engineering ... to make the team go email ... .