Monday, 1 December 2008

Rubens Barrichelo of victory! ! ! A case to think . . . .

They were major drivers of the U.S., Europe, the world champion of kart, Shumacher, Lucas Di Gracci talk all the time who would win, Mass ... all wanting the first place in the "Challenge of the Stars"
The environment was very difficult since Friday because that race has no pilot commitment with the team as the year in the Formula 1 championship here only has 2 chances 2 batteries and the engines are equal and then finally exchanged is a race that HONESTA porisso Pilots like each pilot hit his Kart and does not show the adjustment to the adiversários .. win is super hard not to mention that the karts are like egg shell super frágril
1) Must be fast
2) that has hit the kart
3) is that drive with care and in the hillside for the entire quebar kart
4) has to know walking in the rain
5) is a super test for pilots perhaps the most comprehensive tests that the teams are to know who is the best I think this test more complete and more difficult
Rubens Barrichello AND WIN! ! ! He gave a show of piloting the audience cheering standing Shumacher also gave a show but missed and lost can not miss it does not calculate right overrunning lost two positions and missed Shumacher and DI grace that flowed from kart until another day is not that stopped shortly was shot near the master Rubinho Advisory staff of HONDA watch the video tape of the race and see when it started to rain the enormous advantage of Rubinho on the DI Grace and the other pilots

In Formula 1 is all very fast until the decisions must be taken quickly has little time only until the end of the year or beginning of next year and whether the Honda will make the wrong decision to go after you lose everything that has won so far 'll have to start from scratch with these young pilots I know that Formula 1 to more than 30 years when the Advisory Barrichello and outside it is the best of the three has the marketing side of the sale of cars from Honda ride if the public thinks the Barrichello better it is logical that helps in sales of passenger cars from Honda after all the Honda Formula 1 team not to leverage sales in the world and Brazil! ! ! as the Toyota Corolla to sell a Ferrari to sell Fiat so I just hope that Honda will take the right decision