Tuesday, 2 February 2010

Will Ross Brawn took the lead again and this cath sigh aerodynamics that no one noticed! ! ! With the thinner tires, the tendency to leave the front is clear. Co has said Rubens Barrichello Willians The beak pointed down the Mercedes (against all others who imitated the Red Bull last year) will certainly help support a little more ahead. I do not give 3 races to show people moving around the nozzle. I understand my Tip Aerodynamics and I have a project that makes an F1 car go faster ... much faster interressa who just talk to me

by Lionel de Campos Jorge email lelof1@yahoo.com.br

Monday, 1 February 2010

MARCELO FERRONATO Valencia Before going to sleep last night, very late at night here, I talked through the internet with a journalist friend. Is Guilherme Dorneles, and as I knew he already had experience in a cover for Grand Prix here in Spain, I asked him some tips. My question was basically "how the scheme of food for the media in F1?". Guillermo reassured me, saying he always has some things to eat and also revealed that it has 'mouth free' where Red Bull is installed. "Putz, but Red Bull did not come to training," I pursued this thought. "Ah, but Toro Rosso is here, and it is all the same, will have the rank of such grace, I thought. And today, after taking a nice breakfast each morning, I was careless to the racetrack to ride with a German I met in the lodge restaurant - yes, evolved, I am now an inn. Thanks very much worth it to ride. First, because I saved the taxi, since I heard the receptionist that I had to walk 45 minutes if I wanted to walk. Second, because We've arranged a ride down. I and I with them from now on. And third, because the conversation in the car yielded a beautiful story about Schumacher.
Arriving at the Ricardo Tormo circuit, got the credential with the girl than it takes to find my name among the 315 journalists who had signed up so far. Then follow pra press room. We were among the first to arrive, and as the huge room was practically empty, it would be easy to notice the existence of some table with delicacies. Nothing. But as the coffee was still in my stomach, I left to think about it later.
After writing a few small matters, I try to unravel the mystery of the first day. "Who would be the second Renault driver? The team will make the launch today with only one competitor?". The French team had confirmed only Kubica, and as the official presentation of the team would soon be over, I thought that someone could give me any tips. The newsrooms of the circuits are usually above the starting straight, then you must descend ladders for reaching some information. But in this case was not accurate. Once up, I hit a spokeswoman for Renault. "The team will have two drivers today?" I asked. "Yes," replied hastily. "And who is the companion of Kubica?". "I do not know," I heard. Of course she knew. "You know, you know, but do not want to talk," I said. She smiled, gave a wink and walked away. Okay, we knew that the launch would not be with only one pilot. "But what about the other?". The leading contender was to Vitaly Petrov, who was ultimately confirmed at the end of the day. But no one was sure yet. So I went down the stairs. There in the middle of the Renault trucks, I saw a mechanic unwatched. I got one and gave the blond-no-arm to see if I took some information. "You know what time the Petrov arrives here at the track?". "It must be before four, right? The launch is scheduled for the four and a half" he said. "So even Petrov is the second driver for the team?" Returned. "I do not know, do not know if it's the second or third," he said. I kept digging. "Then he was even hired by Renault?". "I do not know. In fact, one of the leadership team told me anything. I'm only saying this based on my opinions. From what I've seen lately, he might be." The information was not official, but already said a lot. I went back to press room to break the news to colleagues of the site are in Brazil, which continuously up-date the contents of the Grand Prix. In this, one of them, Felipe Paranhos, told me that a British journalist had published that saw the Rubinho giving the air of grace in the circuit. "Oops, gotta go find the guy." And there I go again to the stairs. Ask a mechanic Williams where I could find the Brazilian. "Right there, oh, is having lunch," he replied. Then I realized that it was an afternoon and remembered I was hungry. And I remembered that I made coffee at 8 am had disappeared completely from my stomach. "But it is the Rubens, I have to talk to him, I thought, quieting my desire to do what the pilot was doing. The place where he was was a restricted area for members of the Williams, but pretended he did not know and went. I went straight on his desk, interrupting his quiet lunch with the mechanics of the team that he will defend this season. "Rubens, sorry to interrupt you, but you could give me an interview when it's over?". "Of course. When I finished, there'll meet you at the exit," he said very politely. I was walking from side to side there in the tent where he was, thinking about the questions I was going to do and looking for a place that did not beat much wind, so as not to spoil the sound recorder. He came out and told me to follow him. "I need to find a place where this wind does not disturb the recording," I said. "We are going there in my motorhome, then." "We are going there in my motorhome?" I thought. And then I remembered that Rubens has a van that you use when traveling to races and training. He camped on circuits inside that van, which has everything one can find in a good hotel room. Entered. He turned off the TV, and then we started talking. We talked about his expectations pra season, about the return of Schumacher, on the possibility that he continue in F1 until the age of 40 - he's 37 - and many other things. ... The interior of the vehicle is impressive. Super comfortable. A small room with sofas and a table, a bedroom, a bathroom, TV, internet and a kitchen. Yes, when I saw the kitchen, I remembered again my hunger, and I saw that were already more than two in the afternoon. When I was saying goodbye to Barrichello, asked if he knew if the Petrov was contracted by Renault. "I do not know, but his car is there, O ', pointing to a car with a plate of Russia. "Okay, I killed two birds, I thought. I thanked the pilot and Barrichello went running to the press room.
► Car adapter with Russia's delivery presence of the Autodromo Petrov "People, took a photo of the car Petrov, must itself be at Renault. And I just interview the Rubens," I wrote. While our team was preparing the site as we would publish this, I was eyeing the clock. At 1430, the BMW Sauber would make its official release. "I have half an hour to send the photos to Brazil, write some details and lunch. Do I have time, I thought. Hardly. At 14:26 he was still in front of the computer. I closed everything and ran to see the Sauber launch your car, almost entire white and with little or no sponsorship. Sauber C29
After the press conference of chief Peter Sauber team, the technical director Willy Rampf and drivers Pedro de la Rosa and Kamui Kobayashi, went back to the computer. It was four o'clock already, and no snacks offered by the teams or something. Neither remembered to go look at facilities of Toro Rosso. Not have time. At 16:30, started another launch of Renault. Unable to update the information to the companions of Brazil and you still have time to eat. "You have not eaten yet, bumpkin?" Asked the editor in chief of Victor Martins. "There was not time." It was not his fault, nor mine, nor anyone. - yes, dug. I spent all for the team and sent me back to the track to see the launch of Renault. Expectations confirmed. One of the pilots who took the cloth that covered the new car the team was Vitaly Petrov. Between the two cars made, certainly the most impressive of Renault, which is painted in yellow and honoring the first black model with which the team played an F1 race in 1977. ► Renault launches R30 retro and confirms Petrov as mate Kubica Between the shoot and the first interview, there was a short interval of 20 minutes. "Wow, that good, Renault think of me, I can eat." I spent the photos no time for staff and sent me Pro's restaurant circuit. When I arrived, panting, a woman left the building and said: "It's closed." Did not even ask anything, disappointed, angry and lazy to know why. Point? No. So I decided I would enter the premises of the first team that I saw and ask for something to eat. I lucky. I went into a tent of BMW Sauber and ast a girl if he had lunch. "Lunch? Are already more than five. But wait a minute I make a snack for you." "Make me a snack?". Not believe. I followed the girl into the kitchen, thanking the good work intensely that she had just done.
I went back to press room running, because I was at the last minute of the first interview the members of the Renault. I left my lunch on the computer and sent me. After hearing a thousand times the word "business" of Gerard Lopez, head of investment group Genii, who took charge of the team, went to interviews Kubica and Petrov. I talked to both drivers and went back to the front of the computer. Same story: I sent some information pro staff, I sent the photos, and there were already seven o'clock. It was dark, and journalists began to strike camp. My German colleagues, who gave me a ride, I said: "We're leaving in five minutes.'ll Want to go with us?" I said goodbye to the Internet of the tireless companions of the site, got the sandwich I had left the side of my computer and I was eating on the way back to the inn. I learned the lesson. Tomorrow, I'll take a snack in your backpack. THE END.
This report aims to show how suffering reporter to cover Gps congratulation Renault, BMW Sauber, with Rubens Barrichello, the German mechanics for the ride, and especially the work kind of BMW Sauber who received our rookie reporter would like to know your name in providing proper TRIBUTE and say: "WHAT WOULD BE IF THE MEN WERE NOT AS WONDERFUL WOMEN .. IF THEY WERE NOT WE ... .. We would NOT BORN .."
by reporter Lionel de Campos Jorge email lelof1@yahoo.com.br