Saturday, 13 September 2008

FIA: err .... have to go back behind ! ! ! !

CHARLIE WHITING He said: Now that the pilot position and earn a return can only try to go back on the second curve after the site of the maneuver
So this is the PROOF , which in Belgium, Hamilton NOT NO ERROR when attacked Kimi to recover the tip that is NOT THE LAW THERE ..... so that did PORISSO now .... ... ..... the law did not exist can not be punished ... the FIA this confessed that missed any tribulau the world would gain in question for Hamilton .... the fact Charlie Whiting talking about now is the proof
I think Kimi has played the on top of car .. from Hamilton because of Hamilton left for the gincane Bus Stop ... not to fight ... and Hamilton was already with more than half a car on the curve as shown in photo ... then Kimi was wrong .. . this rule is clear if a pilot enter the curve along with more than half a car ... the other can not close the door closed as Kimi forcing Hamilton to flee to gincane ....

If Mosley take the points from Hamilton we will make sure that was blamed on Mosley ... this is the time to Molley show the world that is fair and honest returning the items in Hamilton

another proof that Mosley is involved is what Martin said ... was spoken twice with the tax and said OK not needed to return the position ... then why after claiming aFerrari reversed its position .. can only have been Mosley ...