Wednesday, 29 July 2009

Current digentes FIA Errand CONTINUE MUCH ! ! !

The punishment on the team Renault WAS VERY BIG! ! ! The FIA ( Max Mosley) could have missed quite a fine or a drive aids and who now leads the worship is that Alonso is not to blame any
If Alonso does not run your country .. in Valencia could be a disaster ... ... the Spanish public last year was crazy ... the FIA is not in a trickle of art relate to the country where Formula 1 is. The FIA has to come back late and very quick to agree that not having problems with the Spanish public and the world thought that the FIA's punishment erred in Renault

Fernando Alonso CORRER NEED IN VALENCIA ... ... just do not need to win ... and run normally with the Renault team .... if the FIA wants to continue with this punishment. Wrong to transfer the punishment to another for more GRAN PRIX front .... BUT ALLOW ALONSO VALENCIA run ...
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