Saturday, 24 December 2011

This was the season with more overtaking in the history of F-1. And guess who was the pilot who made ​​more overtaking in 2011? Schumacher, 116. And there were some people who know nothing about Racing wanted to stop! ! ! Absurd ... From a good car for him .. like a Ferrari or McLaren ... and everyone will see or be a champion .. to be a RED ..

by Lionel de Campos Jorge

Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Sao Paulo Brazil Rubens Barrichello ever to do amazing things will rally in a stadium with a Mini Cooper cars with drivers from Formula 1 and Formula Indy event 17th and December 18th.

Barrichello who are negotiating with various sponsors such as Nestle worldwide to run in 2012.

Why a Pilot with three huge advantages

1) Greater experience in driving a car and hit F1

2) Be very fast and not to force or break equipment (car)

3) You do not need high salaries as there is for pleasure. Ie combines the three main items that every Formula 1 team need to make money and there is currently pilot who meets these three advantages and sensational Formula 1 team that will achieve huge advantage against.

by Lionel de Campos Jorge Journalist

I love this time of year to receive Christmas cards from friends Sponsors, Drivers, Teams Formula1 Thanks to all

Christmas at Silverstone

Dear Lional,

The team at Silverstone want to wish you a Happy Christmas and have created you a personalised video card. Sit back and view your message online.

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