Tuesday, 20 May 2008

THE Ferrari shop is dealing with the possibility by one boom of consumption among the employees from factory what they work on division of F -1. A their , specialist em fibers of carbon , was diagnosing with the disease , according to the newspaper ingles The Sun ". The tuberculosis that's a disease infectious , that if she sows from one side to the other gotículas into the air what são eject when people infecting they cough , they sneeze or they speak. By it , 25 technicians , whose function is she constructed the cars of Kimi Raikkonen & Felipe Massa for each GP , are doing examinations of blood about to certify if there is a epidemics on assembler Italian. The pilots no they go undergo those tests. Apesar of the danger , the Ferrari shop no she stopped the activities of she sweats factory , without deliver easy at your workers. " no we are happy. Believes what all tem of being paralyzed while that doesn't if he may be apparent. It appears the Ferrari shop if she imports mais with the cars whereby with the people ", has said a their.
Is a good deal dangerous & us on the we worry with the health of all from McLaren,Hamilton,mecanicos,essa epidemics can you take away Hamilton of the campeonato,sugerimos avoid the maximum I contact with members from Ferrari shop boxing são places very, very compressed & easy infectious , I sugiro but also use masquerade , I eat the Japanese they do into the Japan , she'd use even all from staff Hamilton mecânicos,Ron Dennis dane - if the one to the another they speak. the important is if protect , only one spirals. .....contaminate 100 people , on a difference between two tones of 50 meters , it's too much dangerous , regarding I train , desire the pole,but if not if he may give? ....2 or 3 or esta good. because on race maybe with rain. in that moment only by using a good deal the head even can you profit who largess em 8 precisa.usar quite head into the I train & on race. good luck on the all into the I train. Lionel