Wednesday, 17 April 2013

The "Playboy" released the cover of the American edition of May that has Tamara Ecclestone on the cover. But I will not post the whole cover for several reasons
1) Because this is a family blog, conservative, Christian, Muslim, Buddhist and prudish, I'll put here just a detail ... va who want us to spend money buying the magazine
2) consider his Father Bernie Eclestone, I admire very logical and should not be content .
3) But they say women dress exotic clothes for other women admire her! ! ! And believe it posed for the magazine to show to other women is still beautiful.

But in my opinion (which I think is not worth anything ... but I'll say it anyway) I do not think I need to do that ... It is also logical that I'm jealous .. I always thought a grace Tamara, I was the first to notice and praise publicly the site a little detail to it many years ago ... when no one talked about it ...

I spoke and praised ... one journalist friend of mine said that one year she even asked the Starting grid at Interlagos who was the journalist Lionel ... but never got to talk and ask for Bernie and the credential has never worked to find Tamara belissima live .. but was praising in this reportage less Playboy ... Tamara does not need to show the world how beautiful and wonderful

But each one does what he wants .. is not it?

Only think I should find a man who really cared about her real ... there need not waste time doing these pictures ... but like I said everyone does what he wants. And my objection is not to disclose any picture of you ...

I only wish much happiness and wish that maybe one day we'll meet in order to talk over things live...

hugs and kisses Lionel