Friday, 7 August 2009

This is the third man to the strong application of FIA

His name is Michel Boeri President of the Federation of Monaco and has huge support and is the candidate of Bernie Ecclestone so theoretically the candidate is strong and with great chances of winning I think I support Michael Boeri for President of the FIA .
by Lionel Jorge Campos email

Teams and organizers of Valencia is preparing for the most popular GP of the year

Work in progres, main straight the staff works continuously to leave everything in order for the GP of the season and the most talked about last year won the GP to be better organized and this year the most controversial that all want to see Fernando Alonso and Michael Schumacher
Several sponsors are preparing what promises to be the most expected the GP of the World to see Fernando Alonso and Michael Schumacher
Paddock Atmosphere

Valencia Grand prix Circuit aerial view

Harbour Atmosphere in Valencia To see Michael in the Ferrari and Fernando Alonso

Harbour Atmosphere in Valencia

Media Center

Excellent cuisine restaurants

Hotel Hilton in Valencia one of the sponsors of the McLaren team

Vista Paddock the privileges of customers for example to see a Ferrari or Fernando Alonso

Here's Paddok invited and as usual showed the beautiful women of every country and I think that in Spain has beautiful woman ..

As we are in Valencia in Spain, could not but pay tribute to my dear childhood friend who live in Spain and rooting for Alonso

They are wonderful here left to right Maria Carmen and her sister Maria José with his beautiful blue eyes ....

Now is a special tribute to the way the FINA with your beautiful smile as always and is a site for What Car understood the importance of FINA when lived for more than 35 years in Brazil in Sao Paulo... She taught me to drive cars when I was 14, not 15 years sensational find the we never forget and I have great affection for them ...

Congratulations to all the Spanish people and a big kiss for What Maria Carmen, Fina, and Maria José What is always in my heart and also in Spain and there we will be cheering for a Grand Prix in Valencia with Fernando Alonso .. running is logical .. .
by Lionel de Campos Jorge

Here I think is the most famous dish in Spain "Paella" remember Paellas delicious eaten with my friends, Maria Carmen, Maria José and Slim when they lived in Sao Paulo in Brazil ... and not wait to go visit them in Spain, anjostan to eat dishes like these ...

Today 21/08 My dear friends from childhood Mari and Fina arrived from travels ai Vacations in Spain and sent these beautiful photos ...

And they passed through this lovely town called " OVIEDO " which is the hometown guess who ..... Fernando Alonso ! ! ! wonderful

And seeing that beautiful smile of my dear FINA me the most nostalgia and desire to give a big hug .... it is an urgent need to go to Spain to kill that I miss those dear friends