Thursday, 29 January 2009

Look at our dear team HONDA appearing again ..VIVA.

Our dear friend Ross Braw told : prepare all of the mechanical team ... We will broadly in MELBURNE .... WONDERFUL..... and I think being with the HONDA will be the BIGGEST POSITIVE MARKETING OF CAR story of the world .... whole will support the battle, the claw of HONDA .. only the free marketing that will generate billions worth .. The Honda, Ross and Nicki can never let this opportunity pass ... never have to use what fate has in this to fight for you .. congratulations
But if you want a result that must have Barricllelo Buton ... and they will bring results ... are super experienced pilots ... Senna .... i will not be very good and this easy ... .. .'s easy to do the right thing ... congratulations to the three Barriclelo, Nicki, Ross.
Bravo ... the possibility of deploying and running HONDA team in 2009 ... Congratulation ... I'm PhD in marketing and advise that segam in front ... the world will adimirar this idea ... as I said before do not need to win it only cut costs and compete in the crisis ... the entire world .... this fan will understand that only part of it is already a huge done ... and certainly will buy cars HONDA worldwide ...

I believe that for God and his son Jesus ... nothing is a HONDA impossivellllle can earn billions vont ... the world will understand and support this sacrifice ... ee for speaking up to help give a hand with my project that makes the car walk faster .... but only if contract Barrichello .... because he is always right ... the pilot said that ...

Every great emprezario know that in times of crisis is to invest in advertising .... and Formula 1 is the best propaganda of the world ... just to take part ... and maybe even win some points because all cars are bad with the new rules ... and Barrichello in the Honda wheel will have much more chances to score ...

No need to score points ... only to come back is a huge victory .... hope the Directors will Prezidento and enchenguem and this will be reported as already being in this world ... the world is cheering for HONDA .. Barrichello .... and listen what I'm talking about ... I am PhD in marketing ... not play out this excellent position that HONDA ... this alone can achieve that support world ... no other team could. ... was the way it happened ... the sudden withdrawal in October 2008 ... the global protests acrise .. .. and now the major effort around ..... enjoy and reap the fruits ... if again ... a big hug Lionel de Campos Jorge. email

Gururaj has left a new comment on your post "Look at our dear team HONDA appearing again ..VIV...": It has been a shock for the whole world that a company like Honda with such a vast market all over the world has withdrawn from Formula 1. More withdrawals were expected which luckily didn't come truehotlaps

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Wednesday, 14 January 2009

This is the Great Team Toyota !!!!!!!!!!

Assess the link below and see how long absence to show his great iQue Toyota beautiful car
Therefore that is agent is happy to disclose the Toyota .... has no crisis ... has claw .... ...... has marketing imagination is very well done .. as always said you need not win ... only to participate with these beautiful cars already a great gift for those who like adimira and the Formula 1 of Toyota atodos CONGRATULATION ... .. starting with this launch beautiful .....