Thursday, 24 November 2011

Eddie Jordan talked about Barrichello. Eddie gave him his first F-1 car, almost 20 years ago. "It's a pilot first class. No one disputes the 325 F-1 racing if not special, "he said. "Rubens gave us the first pole, first podium, was the pilot who advocated more time to Jordan four years. It is one of the largest and maybe the fans here in Brazil do not understand it. "

Jordan said that when Barrichello won in Valencia in 2009, the whole paddock was cheering him up. "He is very dear. I had never seen anything like it in life. "He concluded:" There is someone who has to pay to run, do not think it will happen. "

I always liked Barrichello and I think any team that would take him to pick up gaining a lot of great things as low-wage developing the car etc etc.
I've offered my project to Barrichello who makes the car go faster but as F1 is not your area is not very interested in designing cars. I have also told to ask God and His Son Jesus who is honest in everything that God does what He's like.
Perhaps one day a team like Ferrari or McLaren or Mercedes, or Renault, Red, I decided to look to see my project

by Lionel de Campos Jorge email

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